10 Powerful Writing Tips for Freelancers

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Writing is an art; there is absolutely no argument over it. But unlike other creative arts that require inborn talents, writing can be developed and improved by using certain techniques. Here are 10 powerful writing tips to help you create magic with words.

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Writing Tips # 1- Invest Time in the Title

If you thought that a title simply puts a label on your article or book, then you are so wrong. Your title can multiply your readers or simply reduce them to zero. A good title does half the marketing of your writing talents for you. So what does a good title mean? Good titles can be shocking, funny, descriptive, creating urgency, those that play with words or even use alliterations; use the best one that suits your article.

In case you are wondering what alliterations are, here are some examples from movie titles: Dumb and Dumber, Mad Max, Sleepless in Seattle etc. You might have noticed how the first letter gets repeated in almost every word.

Writing Tips # 2- Nail It with the Introduction

Right after the title comes in the introduction. You have to do this right, if you want to continue the charm created by your killer title. There are some rules to follow here, so get a look at them.

  • Keep the introduction short (within 50-80 words).
  • Opening line of the introduction can either be a question, famous quote or a shocking statistic.
  • Make the introduction interesting, so that the readers stick around to read till the end.
  • Let the readers know what to expect from your article.

Writing Tips # 3- Write in Points

Writing in points helps to do 2 things. It helps you focus better and finish the article sooner. It also helps your readers to assimilate your ideas better. You can write a sub-title on each point and then elaborate or describe in detail about it in 1 / 2 paragraphs. Make sure that you use at least 5 and not more than 10 points.

Writing Tips # 4- Use Bullets

Bullets are dangerous when used in guns, but look awesome in articles or blogs. Bullets can help to break up the text, make the article look more appealing, enhances readability and guarantees attention to your writing.

Use bullets but don’t overdo them. Once or twice is great, 3- 4 times is bearable and anything more than that is atrocious.

Writing Tips # 5- Keep It Short

Yeah, don’t bore your readers. Say what you got to say in minimum words with maximum entertainment. Adding fluff, repeating ideas and rambling off into unrelated stuff is simply not professional writing.

Writing Tips # 6- Polish Your Language

No, I am not saying that your language of writing should be Polish. Rather I am hinting at improving your grammar, spelling and sentence framing skills.

Poor writing is ridden with errors of every kind; from wrong usage of words and tenses to spelling and syntax slip-ups. Avoid them like the plague if you are counting on your writing to launch your freelance career.

Writing Tips # 7- Break Down Long Sentences

Long sentences that use more than 20 words at a time are a pain in the brain. Readers typically lose attention and focus of what you were saying after the first 20 words of your sentence. Break down your one boring long sentence into two shorter and crisper ones.

Writing Tips # 8- Know Your Facts

Don’t mislead your readers. Unless you are very sure of the facts, don’t attempt to write anything about it. Freelance writers may be assigned projects that have little to do with subjects of their expertise. That does not imply that you should not accept projects outside your subjects of expertise.

You can always use research to know the subject better and then write about it. Make sure though, that your research material can be trusted.

Writing Tips # 9- Proper Punctuation

Punctuation comes under grammar section and has been already covered in point # 6. Despite this, it qualifies for an extra mention. Learn the functions of punctuation marks such as, : ;  !and “, etc before attempting to use any of them.

Writing Tips # 10- Finish With Finesse

Don’t end your article abruptly, leaving your readers with a bad taste in their mouths and poor impression of you in their minds. Use a concluding paragraph to summarize everything that you wrote in your article.


The 10 power writing tips mentioned above can help take your freelance writing career to the next level. But make sure that you implement each of them every time.

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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