10 Tips to Add More Value to Your E-Commerce Store

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Here are10 tips that will help you improve your ecommerce site. There are many marketing books that claim (quite rightly) that the easier you make the buying process, then the more sales you will get.

The more hoops you make a customer jump through then the less incentive they have to buy. This is true and is the basis of most of the tips on this article. You need to be aware that people are going to spell your items incorrectly or want customer support outside of normal working hours.

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 1 – Store Locater

Not only will this help you to drive local traffic, it will also help people realise that you are a real and established business, and that you are not a Asia-based terrorist using a western server to rip people off for their money.

2 – Business Logo

Many people who start their online business do not put a logo onto it. The logo should represent your company. The lack of a logo shows people that your site and business is un-evolved, and so is at risk of going out of business soon or being in money trouble.

3 – New And Popular Products

Tell people about them. Have a newsreel at the bottom of each page, which shows your newest or best selling products. Use your homepage as a place to display your newest product. Put a different newsreel under every category. That way you will not be showing popular lawn mowers to people looking at shower curtains.

4 – Hot Deals

Do the same thing with deals and discounts that you do with new products and popular products. Put your newest and best discounts on the home page. Have them appear on different pages. Instead of having adverts from affiliates, put your own discount adverts on there. Have a discount, sale and deals section.

5 – Show off your brands

You may not be able to show your customers all of your branded products at once, but what is to stop you placing a nest of brand logos on a page. You can show people that your e-commerce site is not just peddling a load of wholesale junk from China.

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