10 Tips to Add More Value to Your E-Commerce Store

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6 – Payment Icons

Most people expect that they will be able to pay by some sort of credit or debit card, but you should show icons that represent all the ways a person can pay. Icons on a page will show people how they can pay, without having them search around for them.

There are also icons from Skrill and Paypal that will encourage people to buy. Sometimes they have a bit of money left on their accounts and it is nice to be able to spend it outside of eBay or a gambling site. You can even make icons for if people can pay by banker’s draft of cheque. Don’t make people search for answers–give them the answer before they have the chance to ask the question.

7 – Social Media

Don’t use it to increase your PageRank by 1% like all of the other chumps online. What you need to do is use it like reviewing and referral system. You need to encourage people to comment on your products and items.

You may even allow people to post reviews that are slightly negative–especially if they are reviews of a cheaper version of something else you stop, (it is an incentive for them to upgrade). People may be more inclined to believe public opinion, and this is a way of getting it to them.

8 – Search Bar

If you are using a search bar that uses Google then stop it. Hire a developer to create you a search bar that will post results on your own web page, and results that are tailor made to your customer’s queries. Make sure that the search bar is on the top of the website so that everybody can see it and find it easily.

9 – Spelling mistakes

People are going to write incorrect spellings into your search bar. You cannot afford to have them come back to an empty page. You must make contingency plans so that misspellings are redirected to items that the searcher “may” be looking for. For example, nobody knows how to spell “mayonnaise” properly (even I had to use a spell checker).

10 – Customer support.

You should have customer support that ideally runs from 6 am to 8 pm. This means that people can contact you on a workday, either before or after work. You should also have an automated help desk on your website that will allow people to look through the FAQ’s in a very user friendly way.

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