3 Actionable Tips to Become a Better Blogger

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If you asked me how to start a blog and become a blogger, I would say that it is quite simple and easy to do. Actually a lot of people do ask me about it. But I have rarely come across anyone asking to know how to become a better blogger. Maybe that is because once we start blogging all that we want are more readers, subscribers, advertisers and yeah, lots of moolah to take to the bank.

We bloggers always have a list of things that we expect others to do for us like for example,

  • My readers should leave an interesting comment,
  • Google and other search engines must rank my blog pages well,
  • Everyone in my social media circle should help market my blog by retweeting and sharing my posts
  • Other bloggers should link to my good posts,
  • Other bloggers should accept my guest posts etc.

 The list is regularly updated and enhanced, and needless to say with each passing day, the list becomes considerably longer

‘Do unto others that you would have others do unto you’. We come across this beautiful quote very often but how many times have we ever stopped to think over it? Maybe the world would be a better place if each one of us could adopt just this one thought / philosophy in to our everyday lives. Speaking of everyday life, blogging does take up a huge part of our daily lives. How about adopting this philosophy into blogging to become a better blogger?


How to Adopt This Philosophy into Blogging?

We first need to refer back to our long list that mentioned in the previous section. Take a long look at it and if possible add some more expectations to make it complete and comprehensive. Now we are all set to go.

The next thing to do is shortlist some of the points, say 5/ 6 and get to work on them. I am not saying that you need to discard the rest. Just take it slow and gradually so that we can deal with the entire list in chunks.

 I have chosen the top 3 points that majority of the bloggers might have on their personal lists.


1) Expecting Comments from Readers

Comments are something that all bloggers love, especially the beginner bloggers. Expecting comments from your readers and visitors is good, but before you can look forward to comments, stop and evaluate your post. Have you crafted a post that is interesting enough for your readers to comment? Is your post saying anything unique?

Have you provided your readers an easy way to leave comments or do you make them jump through quite a few loops before they can finally get to your comment section? Are you providing them with some kind of benefit for leaving a comment?

Tip to Improve Comment Response

Use a simple plugin like comment luv that helps in validating against spammer softwares by checking a single box. This plugin also benefits readers by allowing a chance to showcase their recent post link below their comment, thus encouraging them to comment often.

2) Expecting Great Page Rank and Fast Indexing

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and all the others out there are meant for indexing all the sites on the web. These bots want to index your blog but are you letting them do this?

They will do their jobs properly, if only you allow them to. Are you helping these bots do their job or are you unknowingly preventing them from indexing your site?

Many a times we inadvertently might have blocked the bots from crawling our sites. This is possible and actually happens more often than we can imagine.

Most of us are not technically skilled so it is possible to make some mistakes in the beginning.

Tips to Improve Indexing

Just check if your blog settings have been set to ‘allow search engines to index this site’.

Other than that, make sure that your content is indeed search-worthy. Ensure great quality and be aware of what works and what does not with respect to SEO.

Keep checking for latest updates on this because criteria change every 3 / 4 months or even earlier. Stay abreast of the latest trends in blogging and online markets in general and your niche in particular.

3) Expecting Co-operation from Other Bloggers

Instead of expecting others to do something for you, why not do something for others first? Before you complain that none of your fellow bloggers are helping you in any way in promoting your blog, stop and ask yourself, “Have I done anything to promote their blogs yet? Have I ever shared their posts / re-tweeted their links? Have I ever left a positive comment on their blogs?”

Cultivate a helping nature and sincerely help other bloggers by doing stuff for their blog that you like to be done for yours.

Tip for Better Networking with Other Bloggers

Stop having a ‘tit for tat’ mentality. Do whatever you can to help other bloggers and do it sincerely and whole heartedly. Don’t focus only on bloggers that are friends with you.

Extend your generosity to every blogger that deserves your help, even if they are in / out of your niche. While I cannot say that this is a guarantee to receive help in return, at least one thing is sure.

You will definitely go to bed with a wonderful feeling in your heart and that feeling is priceless. No amount of cash can buy that for you!


Let us all try to become better bloggers and better business persons. After all we are social animals, aren’t we? Why not spread some good cheer and positivity amongst our fellow bloggers and fellow web users, and become better human beings in the process?

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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