3 Costly Mistakes That All Work At Home Moms Are Guilty Of

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Work at home moms– do you belong to this category of working professionals? Then you are / have been guilty of doing these 3 costly mistakes. What is the solution to our mistakes and how do we correct ourselves?  All ‘work at home moms’ are hereby suggested to read through this blog post to become aware of their mistakes and heed the solutions mentioned by a fellow work at home mom.

Mistake # 1-Work At Home Moms Think They Are Super Women

Work at home moms have an unusual delusion and they firmly believe that they are super women. Why else would we try and do all the household work, shopping, baby care, freelance work and all kinds of miscellaneous work without any help? We believe that we have been blessed with 10 pairs of hands, 10 pairs of legs, 100 minds and an unlimited amount of stamina as soon as we became moms the first time.

"work at home moms"

Solution: Accept that you were deluded and delusions can be cured. Hire a baby sitter or a maid to help you. Delegate the shopping and other miscellaneous work to other members of the household; for example your husband, older children or to the maid.

Mistake # 2-Work At Home Moms Think Multitasking is a Great Skill

Multitasking is a great skill, but only when you are successful at saving time, energy and effort in the process. Not otherwise! Work at home moms multitask with the sole intention of stuffing more and more work in to their daily schedules (which is already bursting at the seams).

Solution: Stop multitasking this very moment. Instead try delegation and distribution of work. This will not only give you some extra time and energy, but also will provide a chance for other members of your family to move their bones and get some much needed exercise. Not to mention the fact that they will be honing their skills as well!

Mistake # 3- Work at Home Moms Think That They Need No Rest

Hmm, so how long have you been awake? The only peaceful time in my home was after midnight, when both of my twins were lovingly tucked in bed, my husband deep in slumber and all the household chores skillfully taken care of.

But my freelance writing projects beckoned and I made it a daily habit to work all day and night with just 2 / 3 hours of sleep in every 26-28 hours.  I learnt my lesson (the hard way) a short while ago when all this non-stop work and micro-sleep schedules wrecked havoc on my health.

Solution: You are not a robot that runs without any pause or rest and needs just intermittent electrical charging. You are a human being and human beings need a minimum of 8 hours of restful sleep. Stop wrecking your health and fooling yourself by flogging your body to work like a machine.


You see now that all the mistakes are inter-related and so are their solutions. Making a mistake of thinking that your body needs no rest can encourage work at home moms to multitask and work non-stop. Similarly, hiring a maid or baby sitter / delegating work to your family members can help in reducing your stress and allow you more time to rest. All of us work at home moms need to understand that we are not wasting money by doing so; instead we can be more productive at our work that pays!

Author: Dr. Kavita

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