3 Freelance Writing Tips for Work at Home Moms

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Freelance writing is a great source of income if you are a work at home mom. What better way to earn money from the comfort of your own home? But wait, did you not say work at home moms? Yeah I sure did. But work at home moms do not get to enjoy ‘comforts’ of home you say. I could not agree more, because I have been there and done that (sigh!)

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What Do You Mean By Work at Home Moms Anyway?

Moms have to work everywhere they go. So what is special about this ‘work at home’ tag? Yeah, being a mom is a 24 x7 x 365 job, especially when you have kids that are aged under 10 years, between 13 and 19 years and everything between and about!

That is exactly what it makes a WAHM so special because she has decided to go from super mommy to uber-super mommy. How else would you describe a mom who has 24 hours of her life booked for her family and still finds time for freelance writing from home?

Okay, Cut out the Self Glorification and Get to Freelance Writing Tips

I promised 3 freelance writing tips in the title and I need to keep my promise. So here we go without wasting any more time out of our already busy existences:

1 of 3 Freelance Writing Tips for Work at Home Moms- Hire a Baby Sitter

You may be thinking what a baby sitter has to do with your freelance writing. But if you are a ‘work at home mom’ with kids below 10 years of age, please go get a baby sitter if you really are serious about earning money from your freelance writing.

Children can be a huge distraction, especially when they are too small or young. Moms can find it difficult to ignore those repeated requests for attention from their cute, dimpled cheeked, shiny eyed toddlers. Even if you know for sure that your toddler has been well fed, his/ her diaper changed and is not sick or sleepy, yet your maternal instincts prevent you from concentrating fully on your work when you leave him / her unattended. That is why I said-hire a baby sitter.

2 of 3 Freelance Writing Tips for Work at Home Moms- Hire a Housekeeper / Maid

OMG! She is telling me tips to spend my money even before it is earned. Isn’t this what you are thinking? Just stay with me until the end of this section and you will see why I am suggesting that you hire external help for managing your children and your house work.

Freelance writing is all about productivity and time management and if you have already been freelancing for a while now, you know that freelance projects are time sensitive as well. Clients want speedy, efficient and punctual work. Once you start the day’s work on any of your projects, you can achieve more output if you are left alone to focus properly and not disturbed / distracted in between. So now don’t you agree that spending a little money to hire help is actually a good investment that will help you to earn more from your freelance writing?

3 of 3 Freelance Writing Tips for Work at Home Moms- Learn Time Management

Time is money, especially when you are a freelance writer and your projects are paid on an hourly basis.

Learning to manage your time both offline and online will go a long way in getting things done quickly and effectively. While working online, make it a point to log out of Facebook, Twitter or such social networking sites. I also log out of my email (personal and business) while I am working online. It is easy to get distracted by mails and chats and lose a lot of valuable time in this.

No matter how urgent the message, it can wait until you have finished your hourly quota of work. Have a strict time table for checking personal emails, business mails, sending replies to clients, submitting the finished projects, sending bills to clients, bidding on new projects etc.

This sort of scheduling should be done for offline work as well. Work at home moms have to deal with many situations where they may have to adjust their offline schedules a bit, like if the child is sick and needs a visit to the doctor or make time for some urgent shopping for groceries etc. If you have a handle on your time table, some minor adjustments like these should not jeopardize  your freelance work output or your routine much.


Author: Dr. Kavita

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