3 Legitimate Work Home Jobs That Moms Can Do

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Work home jobs are every mom’s dream, but in this age of job scams and fraud dealings, there rarely is any chance of finding legitimate work home jobs that mommies can do.

Many readers have demanded more posts on work home jobs, work home opportunities that suit work home moms. I hear you mommies; so here is a post that will make you and your darling kids happy.

1) Starting a Franchise Business

Franchise business may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but then you are looking at legitimate work home jobs moms can do. Most of us have a clear idea that working 9 to 5 is never gonna make us rich or earn us freedom of time that we all so desperately crave for.

Yes you are spot on in thinking along these lines. It always makes sense to own a business of your own if you need both money and freedom and franchise business can indeed be that option for you if you are willing to invest a decent sum of money.

Before you take any further action, first click here to read a detailed post about everything you must know about starting a franchise business.

2) Start a Dropshipping Business

Please do not roll your eyeballs if you have no clue about drop shipping. I already have created a detailed post titled ‘Ultimate Guide to Drop Shipping’ and you may click here to read it now and familiarize yourself about this great online business idea.

Drop shipping is definitely among the top items on my list of legitimate work home jobs moms can do, because there is a lot of scope to scale and grow your business and earn as much money as you would with a franchise business, minus the huge investments and efforts.

As a drop shipper you only act as the middle man (or woman  🙂 ) between top brands and their customers. Your drop shipping business need not maintain an inventory / invest money in stocking products. But the toughest part of this business is to find a trustworthy wholesaler.

But no need to worry, because I just made your job easier by finding this awesome drop shipping website that plugs your business to big brands like Sony, DKNY, Microsoft etc.  They sell their products to you at wholesale prices.  You earn profit by selling branded products to your customers at a higher price. All the other headaches like shipping, maintaining customer support etc will be handled by them.

3) Offer Your Services As Home Based Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants get a lot of work done for their clients. With more and more online businesses springing up across the globe, there are many opportunities for VAs to earn a decent income and simultaneously develop this as a home based business.

If you want to know more about, how and what of home based virtual assistant jobs, check out my previous post here.

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