3 Video Blogging Tips That a Funny Baby YouTube Video Taught Me

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Blogging need not be limited to posting written content on your blog. Today’s post is all about video blogging tips. Using video as a blogging tool serves two purposes.

First; your visitors have something new, interesting and different from your usual written content. Second; you will enjoy it better than writing posts.

What is Video Blogging After All?

Video blogging is simple; you use videos to convey your thoughts and ideas. Most of us are skeptical when it comes to video blogging, and cannot figure out how, why and when to do it. Actually when I was introduced to video blogging at first, I had the same doubts.

Do people actually like to watch videos? Why would they waste time to watch a video for 6 / 7 minutes, when they can read a blog post in less than 1-2 minutes? What do I create a video about? How to create a video and make it accessible to people?

YouTube for Videos

When you think of videos, you think of YouTube, right? So, I decided to head there to get some video blogging tips. I was actually not sure what to search for on YouTube. But then, I thought I would first get to know what people want.

So, I did a simple search on YouTube to find some of the most popular videos to know what interested people. I was shocked to find the truth. Take a look at the video below which has received more than 23, 334, 547 views and approximately 48,655 likes.

What Video Blogging Tips Did I Learn from this Video?

It was almost a revelation to me that people like to be entertained and enjoy anything that gives them a good heartfelt laugh. I couldn’t imagine that 27,145,252 found this video interesting. Now for me, this video is a lesson in understanding what your audience (aka readers of your blog) wants.

They want to be entertained, amused and interested in things that you got to say with your video blogging.

So, Where Are The Video Blogging Tips?

Yeah, coming right onto them! We started this blog post with the idea of using video for blogging, right? So now you ask me what this funny baby video on YouTube has anything to do with blogging. Well, not one but many things actually.

If you want to be a success at video blogging, you have to keep your audience engaged and interested in what you say. Now you may be thinking that my blog is all about blogging tips, freelance writing tips and such stuff. How can I entertain people with videos on blogging or freelance writing?

Hmm, it sure looks daunting at first. But on deep thought, I found a way out. I knew I could not upload funny babies or cute kittens on my blog, but at least I could learn what these videos had to offer. Here is my first of the 3 video blogging tips that this funny baby video taught me-Keep your audience interested.

Video Blogging Tips # 1-Know What Your Audience Wants and Give it to Them

Visitors coming to my blog are interested in learning blogging tips, video blogging tips, freelance writing tips and about making money from blogging. If I decide to do video blogging, I have to cater to these interests.

There is no point in uploading funny baby videos on Knowempowernetwork.com because my audience wants to learn blogging and video blogging tips, not see some baby laughing hysterically.

Video Blogging Tips #2-Keep it Simple

I am not a technically skilled person, so it was but natural for me to be intimidated by video recording stuff and the entire technicality involved in it. But after looking at the funny videos, I knew that if your video is interesting, no one bothers to check out how technically sound or perfect your video is. Keep it simple and you will be fine; no need for any high-tech frills!

Video Blogging Tips # 3-Keep it Short

I think this is one of the most important of all the video blogging tips that I ever learnt. I agree that videos are more engaging than written content, but make them too long and your audience flees midway. Say what you got to say in short, concise and clear points. Don’t add fluff to make your videos lengthy; just get to the points that your video title states. If your video title is 3 video blogging tips, speak only about 3 video blogging tips and nothing more or less.

So, there you go. You now know all the 3 video blogging tips that the funny baby video taught me. But, these are not all that I know about video blogging (I know a lot more 🙂 ). Keep checking back because I will be posting more detailed video blogging tips in this week. Stay tuned!

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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