4 Benefits of Hiring Freelance Writers Beyond Borders

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Freelance writers come from all walks of life and from every nook and corner of our Blue Planet. It is up to you (as a business owner) to get maximum benefit out of hiring them. Website or blog owners have traditionally preferred working with local or native freelance writers.

But with more and more businesses staying local and working global, it makes sense to hire  freelance writers who live beyond the borders. Let us have a look at how business owners can benefit in 4 different ways by opting for international freelancers to write for their websites / blogs.

Benefit # 1- Save Money

This is one of the most obvious benefits of hiring freelance writers who live beyond the borders of your country, and possibly beyond your continent. Entrepreneurs operating their businesses from developed nations stand to gain a lot from hiring freelance writers from the Asian and African continents.


The huge difference in the cost of living makes this practically possible and financially feasible for these freelance writers as well. But don’t just hire international freelance writers just for the sake of saving money. Quality of writing is important to your business, and qualified writers will not write for peanuts. The best option is to hire a freelancer who offers the best value for your money.


Benefit # 2- Save Time

You can be in control of your business and get maximum advantage out of your time. If the freelance writer you hired resides in a different time location than yours, your work will be done even while you sleep.

If you have employed more than one international freelance writer, and each of them resides in a different geographical location, you can even ensure that your work is being done 24 x 7. This will especially help you when your business involves working with clients from all over the world, for instance a content providing business, SEO business etc.

Benefit # 3- Save Efforts

Many a times it so happens that you need local information or information that pertains to certain cultures or regions. The best way to ensure that you have first hand information for your readers is to hire a freelance writer from that location or culture.

When an Indian writer writes about Indian curry or an Australian freelance writer describes about the nuances of Aussie culture it lends more authenticity to the article. This also helps when you need interviews/ photos/ videos to go along with the articles or posts.

Benefit # 4- Enjoy Peace of Mind

Hiring a local freelance writer may not be the best idea when you have a project with tight deadlines and there is a festive season / vacation going on in your country. No local freelance writer would like to work during Christmas holidays for example. But if your project needs completion before the end of the year, then the best way is to outsource the work to an international freelancer.

This way you can be assured of enjoying peace of mind during the holidays without having to compromise on your deadlines with your clients.


Freelance writing is a career that can be explored irrespective of any boundaries of time, place or culture. If your business involves international clients then it makes all the more sense to hire international freelance writers to assist you.

I have worked with clients from 18 nations across the globe as a freelance writer and also have hired freelance writers from 6 continents to assist me in my writing business. This post is based on my personal experiences. What are your experiences and how different have they been?

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Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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