4 Criteria That Guarantee Guest Blogging Success

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Guest blogging has become very popular in the blogosphere, especially with the beginner bloggers and newbies. The value of guest blogging in achieving back links, boosting traffic to the guest blogger’s blog and so on is already well known.

In fact many of the beginner bloggers are advised to write a lot of guest posts and get them published frequently as a reliable and fool proof way of gaining more visitors to an otherwise secluded blog.

But rarely do we come across any discussions about the crucial criteria that make guest blogs a success. So today’s post is focused on 4 criteria that every guest blogger needs to take care of while guest blogging.

1) Put Your Best Foot Forward

Quality should never be compromised for any of your writing, and that is especially true of guest posts. Your posts are going to be displayed on somebody else’s blog to his / her community of readers and followers.

Your posts are certainly going to be judged there and the worst blunder you could ever make in such a scenario is to send in low quality, spun and crappy content.

Many bloggers cannot make an easy decision when trying to choose between their own blogs and other’s blogs for posting their best quality post. It always makes great business sense to pump up the quality of your guest blogs because the quality of your post directly affects the incoming traffic from the other blog.

2) Choosing Your Topic Wisely

Another tough decision that awaits guest bloggers is regarding the topic of their posts. It goes without saying that they like to use certain keywords as anchor text in the guest posts that are related to their niche.

But most of the times the niche of the guest blogger and the other blogger may not be a perfect match. Writing a guest post entirely focused on your own niche is a shining example of unprofessionalism and selfishness.

Guest blogging is not only about getting benefits to the guest blogger. It has to be a mutually advantageous venture. You have to skillfully blend the niches of your own blog and the other blog to create a successful guest post.

Let me illustrate an example. One of my clients who needed my paid guest blogging services gave me keywords related to online backup solutions. Now the tough part was that he wanted the guest post to be published on a blog that deals entirely with blogging tips.

So instead of going on and on about the online backup solutions, I did a shrewd twist on the guest post and combined both blogging tips and online backup solutions in my post. That went on to become a huge hit with the blog owner and my client enjoyed huge benefits from that single post.

3) Adapting  Your Blog Posts

Each of us bloggers has a typical or unique style of writing. Some of us are fans of short and sweet posts, while others like me may be devoted to detailed and lengthy posts. Some may use humor to get their ideas across, while others like to rely on facts and findings. Whatever your style of writing might be, it helps to adapt your guest posts to suit the style of the blog owner as well.

You definitely do not want your post to stand out like a sore thumb and disturb the readers of the blog with your writing style, do you? Adapting your own style to suit other bloggers may not be an easy pill to digest for many bloggers.

So what I suggest (and practice) is to approach only those bloggers whose writing style matches yours. That way you do not need to bend over to get your guest posts published.

 4) Choosing Your Anchor Text

The importance of choosing a proper anchor text to get back links has been stressed and emphasized to a point of no return. But now it is time to unlearn everything that you learnt about anchor texts and back links.

In view of the latest Google Panda and Penguin updates in April 2012, anchor texts are best if they are NOT a direct match to the keywords on the page that you are back linking to. This may sound a bit confusing to most of us, but here is a simple illustration.

If your page is focused on keywords like ‘blogging”, ‘blogging tips and blog ‘hosting’ etc., then you would definitely use any one of these three keywords as anchor text. That was okay and actually suggested UNTIL the Penguin and Panda came in.

Post April 2012, it makes better sense to use a related term like ‘how to blog’ to gain back links to the page that I described above.


Guest blogging is still considered to be an effective way to boost your blog’s traffic, page rank and popularity. But there are both right ways and wrong ways to do this.

Choosing the right ways will ensure that you maximize your benefits with each of your guest posts. On the contrary, making a blunder and choosing the wrong ways will not only bring ‘zero’ benefits, but in many cases might actually boomerang and harm your blog’s progress.

So keep yourself updated with the ever changing rules and regulations of the blogosphere and you will be fine. How to keep yourself updated? Simple- subscribe to my blog updates via the form below and it will be my responsibility to keep you in the loop about all the latest happenings.

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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