4 Crucial Checklist Points for Clients Before Hiring Freelance Writers

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“I will never ever assign my projects to a freelancer again”. “If I knew that this freelance writer would mess up my project like this, I would have done this myself and saved some precious dollars in the process”. “My 7 year old kid handles projects better than this freelancer that I hired”.

Gone Through A Messed Freelance Writing Project Before?


Have you ever caught yourself muttering such bitter remorseful things ever? If you have a running business and have been assigning writing projects to freelance writers for at least a while now, then I bet you sure are familiar with the words above. It is not easy to deal with messed up projects, right? Oh, all the heartburn, bitterness and losses are a bit too much handle, especially when it tends to repeat more than 2/ 3 times.


Why Are Your Freelance Writing Projects Getting Screwed?


Freelance writing is a professional career and freelance writers are professionals (well, most of them are 🙂 ). Then why does the experience often end unfortunately for a vast majority of the clients? There is another side to the coin as well, with freelancers crying hoarse about their clients. But more about that later.

Today, let us first try to figure out the reasons for such a scenario and then see what solutions can be suggested to remedy the problem.


#1- You Do Not Value Your Business

If you are serious about your business, you would be serious about the people you work with. I am shocked to see how people keep treating their online businesses with so much callousness. Many freelance writers and clients seem to value money over quality.

When you are the client and you want excellent quality but do not want to shell out decent pay, then you better not complain. You asked for it buddy!

If you pay peanuts, expect only monkeys to line up when you hire help for your projects.


Solution: Reset your mindset and update your business values. Instead of hiring cheap, almost-free and non-expert freelance writers, try opting for professional freelancers who are as serious about their freelance writing business as you are about yours.


# 2- You Go Looking for Trouble

Don’t say it’s far-fetched when I say that you are looking for trouble and want  freelancers to mess your project up. Okay, if you are really not asking for trouble, then would you tell me one good reason for hiring freelance writers through certain job sites that are more notorious than Al Capone?


Many clients prefer using such shady websites to hire freelancers because of 3 different reasons. First of all these sites allow clients to post ads without paying a dime. Secondly they know that such sites are the flocking places for the freelancers who are willing to work for peanuts. Thirdly, there is no regulation, process or system in place on such sites to ensure payment for the completed projects.

Obviously the intentions of clients who prefer hiring help from such sites are not at all honorable and if they are not looking for trouble, then who is?

Solution: Hire only from reputable freelance writing sites that have been around for at least a while. Avoid having anything to do with shady sites that have no option for professional business dealings like exchange of a business contract or escrow of payment, hourly tracking etc.

# 3- You Are Uninformed

Let’s face the facts. Most of the online business owners that are conducting their small or home based businesses now are doing it for the first time or have very little experience in handling their newly found businesses. It is only but natural to expect some starting troubles in such a scenario.

If you do not know or are uninformed about the type of freelancer that you should hire for your project, you might end up frustrated with the results. Maybe you are not very sure of how the system works and what points you need to check before hiring a freelance writer.

Solution: Get informed and aware of the freelance writing industry and its nitty gritty. Read informative articles or blog posts such as the one you are now reading, that offer an unbiased view of facts. Also make it a point to read reviews of freelance writing websites before you conduct any transactions through them.


#4- You Are Too Gullible

While freelance writers would normally complain that their clients are too nit-picking and crafty, there are times when the situation is exactly the opposite. If you are a sweet and gullible person who tends to trust people easily, then you may have to deal with the black sheep of the freelance writing community. There are many freelance writers who promise the moon and end up offering only white lies.

You may have taken time and effort to choose the freelancer and you made sure that you were dealing with a skilled person before hiring them. But let me reveal some of the inside facts. There are lot many freelancers who brand themselves as experts and charge you through the roof for their ‘quality writing’.

But you realize only after receiving the completed work that this supposed professional was simply cashing in on his / her reputation on the web or the freelance writing site and got the work done by outsourcing it via the same shady sites that I mentioned in # 2.


Solution: Do not sign the contract by relying solely on the self- testimonials of the freelancer. Check and double check for lots of client reviews for work done in the near past and recently. Ask for writing samples and contact details of at least one / two clients who have given their testimonials supporting the freelance writer’s work.

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You get what you pay for. If you are not serious about your business and do not handle it professionally, you will end up with people who do not value your business and do not add any value to it either. So make a resolve to work only with well educated, trained, experienced and professional freelance writers who will do full justice to your writing projects and handle them smoothly.

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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