4 Essential Tools to Help Make Money on the Internet

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You want to make money on the internet and have decided to start right away. That’s good, really good. But have you made the necessary preparations to make your online money earning trip easier and less bumpy? I have already written a lot of posts on this blog about various ways to make money on the internet. But today’s post will introduce you to the top 4 essential tools to possess before any attempts to make money online


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Tool # 1 to Help Make Money on the Internet- Online Money Transfer Services

When your business is online, it is but natural to expect all your money transactions relating to your business to be online as well. You may have found the way to make money on the internet, but how will you get this money into your wallet / bank account?

Well, that is what online money transfer services are meant for. There are a lot of online money transfer services, but not all are available in every nation of the world. The most popular and far reaching online money transfer companies are Paypal, Moneybookers, Xoom, Moneygram etc.

These companies help you to send or receive money using their services. While it is free to sign up for an account with most of these online money transfer sites, they will charge a small fee for the transaction services. But you can easily receive the money that you earned online into your bank account or credit card.

Tool # 2 to Help Make Money on the Internet- Online Payment Gateways

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If your online clients prefer paying you via credit / debit cards, then you would need an online payment gateway to process such payments. An online payment gateway makes it possible to transfer money from someone’s credit / debit card into a bank account.

 Paypal provides integration of online payment gateway services on your website, so that your customers can pay you easily by entering their credit / debit card details on the payment form. There are many other providers for online payment gateways, but it is necessary to use only trustworthy companies that offer highly secure transactions.

Tool # 3 to Help Make Money on the Internet- Escrow Services

Many online businesses require facility for receiving or making an upfront payment. But there has to be some security for this upfront payment. Escrow services offer this security to the client / customer and keep the funds safe until both parties mutually agree to the release of payment. The person who is offering services is also secured because the payment has already been funded, and there is no worry about the client not paying for the work done.

If you are into freelance writing business, then some of the freelance job sites have the option of escrow. But if your online business needs an escrow service, escrow.com is one of the service providers that you can use.


Tool # 4 to Help Make Money on the Internet- Online Invoicing Services

When you do online business, you need to invoice your clients and bill them for the work done. Use an invoicing service to get this done professionally. Your invoices look professional and you can also do more functions like tracking time, accepting payments online, sending automatic reminders to clients to pay up and manage your bookkeeping as well.

Most of the online invoicing services allow trying them out for free for a month / so before you decide to purchase them. Some of the popular options are FreshBooks, BillGrid, BlibkSale, Harvest etc. The price ranges from $ 20 – $ 49 / month.


Starting an online business is similar to an offline business, and you certainly need a few tools to get going. The 4 tools described here are not the only ones that you need to make money on the internet, but they certainly are the basic ones. Depending upon the nature of your online business, you might need many more tools to make money on the internet without any hassles.

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