4 Pests That Jeopardize Your Freelance Writing Career

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Nobody likes pests; especially when they can jeopardize your freelance writing career and thwart all fervent attempts at making money online by writing. Today’s post will not only identify each of these 4 pests but also go into detailed ways of exterminating them. So get a pen and paper and keep taking notes while I help you identify and destroy all these pests, one after another.

Freelance Career Pest # 1-More Time No Projects

Obviously, nothing else can kill your freelance writing career faster than having no writing projects in hand and lots of free time on the clock. But this is part of the success process, and all of us will inevitably go through this phase (only the duration varies from one freelancer to another). Many freelancers give up at this stage, which is a foolish decision in my opinion.


  • Read this post on tips to netting your first freelance project
  • Register with more freelance writing job sites
  • Join forums, groups and communities on social networking sites specifically meant for freelance writers. (LinkedIn in is a great resource)
  • Check for freelance writer vacancies in classifieds (both print and online)
  • Place an ad that declares about your writing skills and availability in classifieds (both print and online)

Freelance Career Pest # 2-More Projects No Time

 If you have taken trouble and put efforts in trying all the solutions for pest # 1 above, then you are bound to face pest # 2 (guaranteed). Okay, so now you are neck deep in writing projects but cannot figure out how to write, manage and complete all of them in time.

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  • Create more time by cutting away any and all of the unproductive activities. This list can include chatting on the net or phone, watching too much of TV, spending lots of time surfing on the net etc.
  • Reduce the number of projects by being more selective.
  • Negotiate with your clients for longer deadlines.
  • Work at home parents can hire a domestic help or a baby sitter and also read this post on freelance writing tips for work at home moms. (works for work at home dads as well)
  • Hire a virtual assistant to help manage clients, schedules, billing and all other non-writing part of your writing projects.
  • Hire a ghost writer who is ready to work for rates cheaper than yours, so that you can still manage to make a profit.
  • Use time saving tools. This list can include a lot of things like a faster computer; file management systems, billing softwares etc.

Freelance Writing Career Pest # 3-Writer’s Block

Oh! This is one pest that bugs all kinds of writers. Freelancers, authors, bloggers, copywriters; no one is spared from this bug bite called writer’s block. Confirm the diagnosis if you keep looking at the clock and then stare into a blank document and keep repeating this for the entire day, day after day.

Actually there is nothing to panic; writer’s block never ever killed any writer. But the same guarantee cannot be given for your writing career, especially when you are a freelancer and your clients are ready to pounce on you on the date of deadline.


  • Stop writing, start reading. Read everyone’s writing except yours. It would help if your reading topics match those of your pending projects, as you will be getting ideas.
  • Take a break, relax and entertain / pamper yourself. Go watch a movie, spend some fun time with family / friends, listen to music or just take a long nap. Whatever you do, make sure you stay away from your computer and work related materials.
  • Start writing on a different project if you have partial writer’s block for only some kind of topics.
  • Ask help from friends, family or associates for ideas, but this helps only if they are proficient / at least familiar about the topics.
  • If nothing else works, go hire a ghost writer to finish the project for you.

Freelance Writing Career Pest # 4-Losing Interest

 We all begin with much passion, but sadly the enthusiasm does not seem to last forever. Well, this is also a natural phase and part of your freelance writing career. You are bound to lose interest at some point of time. It’s only that some freelancers lose interest sooner, some later. The only solution in this case is to find motivation and rekindle your passion once again.


  • Recollect the time, circumstances and emotions when you began your freelance writing career.
  • Analyze your projects and if there is a common thread between those that bore you, stop accepting such projects. I take up all kinds of freelance writing projects like blogs, article writing, academic writing etc. But when I get bored of academic projects, I concentrate more on blogs and articles and vice versa.
  • Take a vacation and chill out. Most of the times it is simply because you have overworked and overstressed yourself. And there is no boredom that a fun filled and exciting vacation cannot cure.
  • If you cannot go on a vacation, take a break (short, long or extended) from your freelance writing career. Meanwhile, use your free time to learn and develop new hobbies or creative activities. You could either get back to your freelance writing with renewed vigor or even develop a newfound income stream from the new hobbies. Who knows for sure, so let the developments surprise you.


Choosing a freelance writing career is a great way to make money online, especially if you are a work at home mom or parent or merely hate office cubicles and commuting to work (like me). Whatever is your reason for taking up a freelance writing career, make sure that it does not die an untimely death due to these 4 pests. Cheers and good luck to all freelancers, wish you great success ahead!

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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