4 Social Media Networks that Every Small Business Owner Must Target

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As a small business owner, your challenges are bigger than the big boys and girls in business. You have limited resources and ten times more competition than the big businesses. That is why you need to know all the killer tips to get the best out of all the resources that you have.

"social networks for small businesses"

Online/ Offline Small Business Owner?

If your small business is conducted online, you know how tough it gets to attract the attention of your target audience. I am not saying that it is easy for offline small business owners, but they do have an advantage of better visibility with the target audience. At least folks in the immediate neighborhood recognize them because of their brick and mortar shop.

Social Networking for the Online Small Business Owner

Social media networks have always been the go to solution for online business owners, because that is where their target audience hangs out. In today’s post, we will take a look at some of the social networks and then decide about the top 4 ones that will bring a small business owner the maximum benefit.

# 1- Pinterest for the Small Business Owner

Pinterest is not just another social network, it is something beyond that. As a small business owner, you could not benefit more from any other social network as much as you would with Pinterest.

If your business deals with products, services or blogs related to women, then Pinterest can bring in twice as much benefit, because majority of its users are women.

The secret to effective Pinteresting lies in the choice of the images that you pin. Make sure that you use only original, high quality and very attractive images to pin.

Providing a link back to your site will draw in visitors and potential customers with ease. Many small business owners say that Pinterest has brought them more traffic than Facebook and Twitter combined. Not bad for pinning some cool images, huh?

# 2- Twitter for the Small Business Owner

Twitter may lag behind Facebook when it comes to being the most visited site online, but Twitter users are better than those on Facebook. On Twitter, you can effectively monitor which users to follow and which ones to target your marketing to.

Most of the professionals on Twitter use keywords related to their interests as part of their profile bio. This helps you find them easily while conducting a search.

The secret to effective Twitter usage lies in tweeting highly relevant tweets that are specifically focused on your target followers.

# 3- Facebook

Facebook has such a huge community and is the only competitor to Google’s G+.

The greatest benefit with Facebooking for a small business owner is the business page set up feature. This business page can be used effectively to interact with customers, fans and visitors.

Not only can you reach out to a wider audience, but you can also effectively monitor the tastes and likes of your customers and fans by getting their feedback via your page. It is necessary to mention that getting more ‘likes’ on Facebook definitely adds to the popularity of your business online.

#4- Google Plus for Small Business Owners

Getting a good rank in the SERP is the most vital criterion for online businesses. A better ranking will not only bring in more customers and visitors to your website but also augment your credibility and reputation among competitors in your niche.

Google plus is a platform to use if you want to positively influence the search engine rankings of your small business.

When you share content or images or product reviews on Google plus and it receives lots of likes and shares here, you can be assured of a better ranking in Google.


No matter how huge the challenges are for a small business owner, determination and a burning passion to succeed can help a lot in getting ahead in the rat race. Other than that you will need useful and practical tips like those mentioned in this post. Good luck in succeeding with your small business.

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