5 Blogger Friendly Google Chrome Extensions for Professional Blogging

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If you are a blogger who uses Google chrome as your browser, then you have made the right choice. Before I started blogging professionally, I could never see beyond Internet Explorer. Well, we all have our personal “Dark Ages of Ignorance” and my days with IE could be categorized under that title.

Glad to Switch to Google Chrome

I switched to Google chrome, while I was somewhat in the middle of my freelance writing career, and long before I started my blog. I cannot say how glad I am that I took the decision to take a gigantic leap from IE to Google Chrome.

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Google Chrome Extensions

Over the years that I have been using Chrome, I have added, deleted and sometimes re-added so many extensions. But the ones that every blogger must definitely have are listed here. These Google Chrome extensions not only speeden up your blogging process, but also take away the stress from it by getting things done in matter of seconds (which otherwise would have taken a lot of time)

Here is a quick list first and then I will go on to explain the functions and details of all those extensions in the subsequent sections:

  1. Zemanta
  2. Hoot Suite Hootlet
  3. Live Earnings Checker for Google Adsense
  4. Awesome Screenshot
  5. SEO for Chrome

Zemanta Extension for Google Chrome

Zemanta has become a very popular extension used by most of the professional bloggers. This extension helps your blog in many ways, but most importantly it injects life into your blogging. What is a blog without back links and images and related articles?

With Zemanta, you do not have to waste your precious blogging time, searching for images that are related to your blog post, find and add the attributes etc. The extension is intelligent enough to automatically open a display window on the right side of your WordPress dashboard that contains an image gallery and related articles below it.

You can customize the preferences to display related posts from other bloggers whom you follow, read or interact with. For example, suppose that you write a post on Google chrome extensions for bloggers, Zemanta will pull up any posts that are related to this topic from your customized list of bloggers. You simply have to click on the image button and the related post (with the image and link) will be positioned below your post.

Can Zemanta Boost Your Blog’s Google Page Rank?

Sending out back links to related posts on other blogs is seen by Google as a genuine and self-less attempt on your part to provide the best of information to your readers that is available on the web. Needless to say this self-less back linking to other blogs will help in boosting your Google page rank and authority.

How Zemanta Gets Back Links for Your Blog?

When you start using Zemanta, you posts will begin to show up in the related articles list to other bloggers, making it easier for them to find your posts and send back links to it.

When you start extending link love to your fellow bloggers on a regular basis (whenever you publish a post), it will also build your reputation, credibility and goodwill in the blogosphere. The bloggers to which you start sending back links will definitely start noticing your self-less love and hopefully start reciprocating back.


This may take time, depending upon the availability of quality/ related content on your blog, the temperament of the blogger and so on. Some bloggers do act snooty and they might ignore your back links without reciprocating, but that’s okay. You ought to develop a giving attitude (that is genuinely self-less) and there will be 10 other bloggers who think like you.

Related Posts from Your Blog

You can also add your blog feed to the preferred list, if you want the related posts from your blog to show up below your post. I suggest a healthy mix of both inbound and outbound links.

Hoot Suite Hootlet

As you may have already guessed, this Google Chrome extension helps to manage your HootSuite account with ease. You can add any post that you like (from your blog / other blogs) by clicking on the Hoot Suite Hootlet button designed like a little owl, perched on your Chrome browser bar.

What I like best about this cute little extension is that it automatically composes a message containing title of selected post, followed by its shortened URL version. It also facilitates auto-scheduling of your post.

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