5 Demons Out to Kill Your Freelance Writing Career

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No freelancer starts freelance writing with the intention of ending it soon. All of us are looking towards progress and advancement in our careers and businesses, aren’t we?

As much as we would love to see our freelance writing careers taking off like a rocket, there are some monsters that can jeopardize all our rosy dreams. Take a quick look at these 5 devilish creatures, so that you can identify them from a mile away. Once you recognize these demons, it will be easier to save your freelance writing career from falling prey to them. Ready? Here we go:

Demon # 1- Wrong Impression

Freelance writing has indeed become a very popular career choice around the globe, but let us face the facts here. Most of us freelancers did not take it up as a primary career choice. Majority of us have had some or the other alternative professions before and / or while diving into freelance writing.

"freelance writing"

This may encourage your subconscious mind to get a wrong impression that freelance writing is just a leisure/ hobby/ pastime. No, it is not! If you allow this wrong impression to develop in your subconscious, then your freelance career is heading towards doom. Let me tell you why.

Hobbies and pastimes are looked upon as activities indulged in for pleasure and whiling away free time that is leftover after ‘real work’. If you consider freelance writing as a pastime, then you never take it seriously. There is no harm in pursuing two or more careers at the same time, but don’t expect to succeed in all of them until you take all of them seriously. Freelance writing is no joke; it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to become a successful freelancer.

Demon # 2- No Answerability

Many freelancers think that freelancing is all about being one’s own boss and having no answerability to anyone. A lot of freelancers take up the project and sign up the contract, but then they cannot deliver results. This is so wrong! Being a freelance writer only means that you get to decide, when to take up work and when to refuse

Being one’s boss definitely does not mean treating the client and the project in any way you please. Whatever jobs that you take up as a freelancer are binding under the contract and you have to abide by the rules. But taking on answerability and accountability infuses more professionalism and definitely makes you a popular freelance writer with repeat clients.

Demon # 3- No Contract

Any freelance writer working via freelance writing job sites knows how tough the competition has become, especially since the advent of recession (leading to loss of day jobs). This rising competition has forced many freelancers to become desperate enough to work without any formal contract /agreement in order to land a paying project.

No matter how sweet the words and no matter how high the promises made by the clients, agreeing to freelance work without a proper contract / agreement can kill your freelancing career even before it starts.

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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