5 Free Email Marketing Tips for Beginner Bloggers

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So you are a beginner blogger and want to dabble in email marketing huh? Great decision buddy! But you really have no clue about what works in email marketing and what does not, right?

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No worries; here are 5 free email marketing tips for beginner bloggers like you. Make sure that you comprehend, learn and implement them in your email marketing venture.

1 of 5 Free Email Marketing Tips-Don’t Trespass on Other’s Property

Why are you looking at me with such a shocked look on your face? Yes, I know we are discussing about free email marketing tips in this post and not about legal issues related to property. But did this thought ever cross your mind that email addresses are personal possessions too. You have no right to trespass on anybody’s property or their email addresses. Bottom line- Do not invite yourself to arrive in the email inbox of people, without their consent and approval.

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In simple words, do not send emails to people who have not specifically signed up to be a part of your email marketing venture

2 of 5 Free Email Marketing Tips- Do Not Become a Spam-Filter Magnet

If you thought that getting people to sign up and subscribe to your email marketing campaign was tough, then you have not yet heard of spam filters. Spam emails have become a nightmare that recurs even during the day. No one enjoys reading spam and that leads more and more people to install robust spam filters. If you do not take care, all your carefully drafted and well-thought out email marketing campaign can go down the drain along with the spam in the spam filter.

Avoid any and all similarity to spam mails. So that means avoid using $$$$$$ symbols in your subject or title, using all caps in titles, and using cheap marketing tactics.

3 of 5 Free Email Marketing Tips-Stop Being a Pest

You may be just starting out with your blog and enthusiastic about your new business; that is expected. If you want to work overtime irrespective of vacations, holidays and weekends, please go ahead. But do not bother your subscribers with your over-enthusiastic email marketing attempts during vacations or holidays.

No one likes to return to work from holidays and see a pile of unread emails waiting to jump upon them in their inbox. If you have emailed them during the vacations, chances are your email will just end up in the trash folder without even being opened. Steer clear of sending out sales mails on all national holidays and vacations, particularly months of July, August, November and December.

4 of 5 Free Email Marketing Tips-Don’t Waste an Opportunity

You invested in the email marketing campaign, registered with the Autoresponder service, spent time, efforts and thoughts with a sole aim; to make sales or reap profits, right? Don’t let that target get out of your focus. Be sure to include the call to action as an inherent part of your email marketing campaign and don’t let the golden opportunity pass up. Many beginner bloggers do everything right but forget to highlight the call to action. Don’t do this mistake and communicate clearly about the product you are selling, give instructions on how to buy, what steps to follow and what links to click.

5 of 5 Free Email Marketing Tips-Don’t Become a Pain in the Inbox

As I said in free email marketing tips # 1, email addresses are the property of the subscribers. They might have given their email addresses and signed up for your offer, but that does not mean you own their inbox forever. Don’t sulk and pout if your subscribers decide to leave; instead be chivalrous and hold the door open for them. Include an unsubscribe option in each of your mails to make it clear to your subscribers that you are a professional business owner who respects the wishes and choices of his / her clients.


Email marketing is a powerful tool if used properly. Learn all these 5 free email marketing tips and implement them to ensure that your blog turns out into a successful online business.

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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