5 Home Based Business Ideas for Moms to Make Money from Home

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I first thought that home based business ideas appeal only to stay at home moms, as they like to make money from home without having to leave their kids and family for work.

Then, I did a little bit of research on the topic, and was amazed to see how many people were actually desperate to chuck their 9-5 jobs and the daily commute to work.

Lack of legitimate home based business ideas and online jobs that do not pay enough are the only things that hold these folks back. I analyzed my reader preferences and discovered that my blog posts dealing with ‘make money from home’ or ‘ways to make money’ are the most popular and highly viewed category.

Since I want to provide my readers with info that they want to read about, I have come up with a list of 5 home based business ideas for moms that will not only help make money from home but are legitimate and scam free.

# 1 of 5 Home Based Business Ideas for Moms- Home Garden

I don’t know about you, but I love gardening and tending to plants. The only problem is lack of space in my house. Since I live in an apartment, I do not have the luxury of a backyard or a home garden. But cash in on this luxury if you have got space for a home garden. You can grow vegetables, fruits or decorative plants with flowers in your backyard or garden and make money from home by selling them.

"home based business ideas for moms"

Don’t cancel this home based business idea just because you do not have adequate gardening space like me. I suggest that you try planting herbs, medicinal plants or even mushrooms because all of these can grow in containers and do not need much space or a garden to grow luxuriously.



# 2 of 5 Home Based Business Ideas for Moms- Home Cooking

This home based business idea is pretty easy and hassle free. As a mom, you do cook for your family every day and chances are that you are doing a pretty good job out of it. Why not start a YouTube channel of your own to broadcast your cooking skills? You do not even have to invest a single dime to get this home based business started.


All you need is a good camera / cell phone that does a fairly good job of capturing video and sound. Record your daily cooking activities and upload it to your channel. Make sure that you cook a new dish each day.

Opening an account and channel on YouTube is totally free, but if your channel gets popular and rakes in millions of views and subscribers over time, you could look forward to make money from home by partnering with YouTube. For more details to know how YouTube can help your home based business idea to make money, click here.

# 3 of 5 Home Based Business Ideas for Moms- Customer Care from Home

There are numerous companies who require 24 X 7 customer care executives. Dealing with customers, day in and day out often becomes a huge task for companies that have millions of customers locally and internationally.

Many such companies are now tapping into home based resources which include students, stay at home moms, work at home dads or anyone who has a phone connection, good computer literacy and excellent phone etiquette.

Your job is to attend the calls that customers make to such companies and answer their queries or provide solutions to their problems. You will have to ensure that the atmosphere in your home is conducive to doing this sort of customer care activities and there are no disturbances or diversions.

 #4 of 5 Home Based Business Ideas for Moms- Pet Care

Most of the families in America and other developed nations, have a pet / two at home. But not everyone gets time to take proper care of their pets. Pets may need many things like grooming, taking them for a walk, feeding them or simply pet sitting when their owners are out of town / unavailable.

If you have a flair for doing such things and love taking care of pets, then this home based business idea should appeal to you. But let me warn you beforehand; taking care of pets is a huge responsibility and will take efforts, time and patience. If you are prepared to face all of these factors, then you should definitely go ahead.

# 5 of 5 Home Based Business Ideas for Moms- Scrapbooking from Home

Scrapbooking is a favorite pastime in many countries, and has been around since the early 18th century in UK and USA. While all of us are desperate to cherish our old memories, photos and other such stuffs, not everyone has the time and patience to arrange them systematically into a scrapbook.

You can offer to do the heavy-lifting for others and earn money in return for your services. But there are many people who are offering scrapbooking services for money, and you need to be quite skilled and updated about the latest developments in scrapbooking formats and materials to stay on top of the competition. But scrapbooking is a wonderful and creative way to make money from home, and anyone can do it.



All the home based business ideas for moms that are mentioned in this post can be done by anyone who spends a lot of time at home. So, feel free to try one or many of these 5 options to make money from home, even if you are not a mom.

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