5 Keys to Kick Starting Your Home Based Business

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How many times have you been rudely awakened from your daydream, in which you had your own home based business and you were your own boss?

These dreams are so common that it comes as no great surprise to most of us. But what is uncommon is finding someone who managed to transform his / her daydream into reality.

I have managed to do that for myself, but have you? If not, have you at least bothered to find out why you are still working for someone other than yourself? What are the qualities that other successful home based business owners have, but you lack? Wanna get some answers? Read on…

"kick start home based business"

1) Motivation

Haven’t you heard that motivation can move mountains? But if you want to succeed as a home based entrepreneur, you’ll need self-motivation more than anything else. Remember that when you work for someone, your boss is always there to breathe down your neck and haul you over coals, if you do not give a good performance.

But when you work for yourself, there is no one else to push you other than your self-motivation. So make sure that you load yourself with it.

2) Passion

Passion is what keeps you going, even when you can see no light at the end of the road. Yeah, passion is the fuel that drives your home based business to success. But it is a sad but true fact that most of your fervent passions usually have a tragic / disastrous story behind them.

Just try to recollect how many times have you read about the superstar entrepreneurs with a billion dollar business who started out as homeless wrecks with not even a single cent in their pockets? What was the magic bullet that brought them so far? Passion, and it was not just any passion, but a burning one! Have you got that kind of passion yet?

3) Flexibility

Yeah, you read that right but I am not so sure that you understood it correctly. By flexibility, I do not mean having a flexible and supple body. What I am referring to is your mental and emotional flexibility.

Most of us are stubborn when it comes to work or professional matters. Why go far, when I have my own husband as a glaring example of professional inflexibility? He claims that he cannot even imagine doing anything else than what he has been educated and trained to do, and that is engineering.

But thankfully, I am quite different from him when it comes to adaptability. My husband even teases me that I would outdo a gymnast in my flexibility with regards to my professional and educational interests. Yeah, I can adapt myself to learn many new things and am quite bold enough to try out new avenues when it comes to making money. Hmm, that is probably why I am my own boss, while he still works in a 9-5 job.

4) Persistence

You would be surprised to know how many ambitious entrepreneurs start their home based business with great fanfare, but end in the dumps soon after. What made them end so abruptly? The answer is a single word- persistence or actually the lack of it.

No business, whether home based or online or offline is going to turn out smooth as a bed of roses. You are gonna face the thorns, stones, rocks and what not, sooner or later. But if you allow these road blocks to jeopardize your daydreams of owning a home based business and stop them from turning into reality, then you better not dream at all.

Persistence is the key my friend. You gotta learn to hang in there, even when the winds are blowing strongly in the opposite direction.

5) Teachability

I really am not sure if this is a word that can be actually found in the English dictionary or whether I just made it up.

But one thing I know for certain and that is the value of being open to learning. When you decide to start a new business, there could be many things that may bewilder you because you do not have any knowledge about them.

You can overcome these difficulties by expanding your knowledge in the concerned matters and the first step in successfully doing this is by being open-minded. You have to be teachable in order to learn anything new.


There are many who aspire to start a home based business someday, but not all of them realize their dreams. But it helps to pinpoint the factors/ qualities that can speeden up the journey to becoming a proud owner of your own business. Wish you luck in your endeavor!

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Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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