5 Mistakes That Could Kill Your Online Small Business

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I have written many posts on this blog that describe useful tips for small business owners. But today I decided to come up with something different. I have often heard and read the very popular quote “Forewarned is forearmed” and today’s post is aimed at forewarning you about 5 terrible mistakes that could kill your online business forever. I want all my readers to read this in detail and ensure that they never ever commit any of these deadly follies in their online businesses.

#1-Your Small Business is Too Small!

"mistakes that kill"

Wait before you jump to conclusions on reading this! By small I am not referring to the size of your business at all. Instead I am referring to your mindset. If your small business is small-minded and selfish and is focused to help only you as the business owner, then it is going to be a BIG mistake.

No matter how small or large your online business is, if it helps ONLY you then it is bound to nosedive soon. Every business should help at least one other person, aside from the business owner. Only then can it survive and prosper to grow and reach new heights.

#2- Your Online Small Business Has No Blog

Ouch! Having an online small business without having a blog is similar to having no legs, crutches or artificial legs to stand upon. Why would you want to take such a huge risk? Starting a blog to support your business is so easy. Moreover, if you are a subscriber and regular reader of this blog you will be receiving spoon fed instructions on how to start a blog, how to write it and how to market it as well.

You have no excuses remaining to justify the running of your online business without a blog. So get blogging right away!

#3- Your ‘About Page’ Says Nothing about Your Business

Imagine the plight of the visitors to your blog who are desperate to know what kind of business you are involved in and how it can help them, but have to leave your site with zero information. What better way to kill your business with your own hands, right?

Make sure that your ‘About Page says in clear, simple and easy to understand words about the nature of your business. You also need to make it very clear to your visitors about HOW your small business can help them as they are the ones who will be your future customers.

# 4- Your Business is Shy and Introverted

If you are into any business, be it online or offline, it goes without saying that you WANT and LIKE to interact with visitors, customers and people in general. Why does your business website say something quite opposite then? Do you keep your ‘contact’ page / form hidden somewhere in the footer or some remote corner of your site? Or worse still; is your ‘contact us’ page totally MISSING?

Doing an online business is far more complex than an offline one for the simple reason that people cannot see you or do not know who is actually behind your website. You need to build trust to such an extent that even if a person is a first time visitor, he/ she knows exactly who you are. Place your photograph where people can see it clearly, link to your Facebook page and other social media profiles like Twitter, LinkedIn or G+

#5- You Confuse Your Visitors

No matter how great your site looks or how well you write on your business blog, visitors need clear direction about the next step that they are supposed to take. As a business owner, you already know it by the name of CTA or Call to Action.

Is your online small business giving out the right CTA? Is your CTA loud and clear? The best way to know this is to visit your own business website pretending to be a visitor. Do you get the CTA message one every page of your site? If not, it is high time that you get an efficient copywriter to rewrite your website copy.



“To err is human” and we all are prone to mistakes. But only idiots commit the same mistake twice and do not learn from them in the first place. Get forewarned about these 5 deadly mistakes that can cost your online small business quite heavily and make all the necessary amendments without the slightest delay. Good luck to you and wish your business prospers astonishingly!

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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