5 Reasons Why Freelancers are Quitting Their Writing Career

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This post is for you if you have decided to earn your living as a freelance writer quite recently.

Freelance writing is increasingly becoming a great alternative for people who want to build secondary income streams, want to work from homes or simply are passionate about writing.

So It’s Cool To Be a Freelance Writer Now?

But before you develop any ideas about the freelance writing arena, let me warn you about an ugly truth. The traffic at the exit gates is quite heavier than at the entry gates to the freelance writing field.

Well, if you ask me, there are numerous factors to blame for this heavy exodus of freelance writers from the market. But ask me to pick just one, and I prefer to go with ‘disillusionment’.

5 Reasons for Disillusionment in Freelancer Writers


#1- Which is Worse; Low Pay or Scant Respect?

C’mon, let us face the dirty facts. Freelance writing does not pay as much as it used to a couple of years back. Actually it’s not as much about the low pay rates, as it is about the loss of dignity for skilled freelance writers.

Most of the clients nowadays do not care about your writing / language / educational / professional skills. No matter how outstanding your resume / proposal bid is, all they look at is the amount that you are quoting for your work.

Hmm, how dignified would you feel when a client asks you to create a 500 word article for $ 5? You probably think it’s more worthwhile to wait at tables than offer your writing skills as an educated professional. On an average, a waitress earns about $ 75-$ 200 / day in just tips, for waiting tables and obviously you cannot overlook the fact that she gets a fixed amount per hour as wages too.

#2- You Gotta Deal With Freelance Writing Scams Too!

Yeah, you read that right. For a newbie freelance writer who does not know where to begin and where to start their newfound career, this may seem like a revelation. But almost all the seasoned freelancers now know about the various freelance writing scams that are plaguing the internet. Actually, I sometimes think that it takes more creativity to become a con artist than a creative writer.

If you think I am stretching things too far, just take a look at the kind of freelance writing scams afloat on the web. While some scams aim to get your money by promising freelance writing gigs if you register on their site, others may coax you into signing up for their paid writing course to get better freelance writing job offers. Some others may proclaim that anyone with a computer and knowledge of writing English (or even remote variations of this beautiful language) can earn $ 300- 600 per hour from home. Oh, really?

# 3-The Nightmare of Evaporating Clients!

Anyone of you who has watched the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (by Tim Burton- 2010)  is familiar with the evaporating cat Chessur, who has a naughty grin and a toothy smile. Yeah, that was fantasy land and Chessur was a fictional character and Alice did eventually wake up from the dream.

But freelance writers are doomed to live through their nightmares and deal with Chessur clients who evaporate without leaving a trace after receiving the completed work. It’s so convenient to evaporate with the freelancer’s work without paying any / part of the fees, right?

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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