5 Reasons Why Freelancers are Quitting Their Writing Career

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# 4-Slain By Tedium

This one happens all the time with freelance writers who take up content writing projects for online websites and blogs.

If you have managed to bypass all the 3 disillusionments above, then you still are not safe, my dear freelancer friend! Before you go from being ‘my dear freelancer friend’ to ‘my dear departed freelancer friend’, I suggest that you become familiar with the danger of tedium.

Do you know what happens when a client finds your work to be wonderful (which may mean a lot of things to the client like right price, awesome content and loads of appreciation from readers of the blog)? Well, you get bombarded with repeat projects from this client. Well, I apologize if it sounds like I hate repeat business, but that’s not what I exactly mean.

How would you churn out ‘unique’ and ‘interesting’ content when you are bombarded with repeat projects involving the same topic? Now, repeat here does not limit to writing 5 or 10 or even 50 articles on the same tedious keyword / topic.

There are clients who order 600, 1000 or even 2000 articles on the same topic, with a clear instruction (read warning) that each of them should be unique and interesting and pass the duplicate content/ plagiarism checker tool called Copyscape,  as well. Now you understand what I meant by ‘ Slain by Tedium’? Yeah, I thought so!

# 5- Oh! How Do I Forget the Sly Deal Offers?

This applies to both first time and repeat clients. They come up with a lot of crafty, underhanded and cunning deals (all of which are touted using words like ‘awesome’, practical’, and great’ etc). The deals may use different words but usually all of them run along these lines.

“Hi, I checked out your profile and client feedbacks on __ freelance writing site. I am greatly impressed and happy to see that your writing skills match the requirements of my project to the T.  But your bid has taken away a lot of my happiness! 🙁

But I really do not want to let this opportunity to work with an expert freelancer, slip away.  I suggest a great deal. How about agreeing to work for half the price of what you quoted and I reciprocate by guaranteeing you repeat projects? I assure that you will receive work from me for the next 2 years at the minimum.”

My response: This is a killer deal! Speak of combining 3 different ways into one wile deal to kill my writing career.


“Dear newbie freelance writers I am not your foe, just your fellow freelancer who passed through the newbie stage, graduated to the expert level and am now fast approaching the disillusionment stage; if you know what I mean. 😉 So pals, stay safe and take good care of your writing skills. Don’t fall prey to these subterfuges as a freelance writer.

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