5 Tips from Matt Cutts to Make Google Love Your Blog

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No matter what we say and what we claim about our blogs, we all are desperately seeking Big G- Google’s love for them. We keep trying different tricks and techniques in an attempt to place our blogs and websites in the good books of Google.

Some of them are a hit and most of the others are a sad miss. Well, I suggest that you stop wasting both time and effort on the hit and miss techniques that you were using until now. Instead, use these 5 tips to woo Google’s love for your blog. By the way, all these tips come straight from the horse’s mouth, i.e Matt Cutts from Webspam, Google, who is in charge of how Google evaluates your blog or website.


Tip # 1- UseWordPress

Matt Cutts is so clear when he speaks about the advantage of WordPress over other blogging platforms. He says that WordPress is automatically geared to do most of the seo heavy-lifting for the users. This makes it all the more necessary for beginner bloggers who have limited or no knowledge of seo.

But there are certain points to take care of when using WordPress as your blogging platform. Always ensure that you use the latest version of WordPress, because as even Matt Cutts points out; it is open source. This particular feature makes it highly inviting to hackers. So the best you can do is to keep updating your WordPress versions as soon as they are available.

Tip # 2- Write for Your Readers / Customers

Majority of the business owners who have an online business rely upon search engines in a huge manner, to bring in more traffic and customers. There is absolutely no doubt about that.  But turning this dependence on search engines for traffic into an obsession for adapting your content solely for search engine optimization can mean danger. When you tend to focus only on search engines, your content often times becomes unreadable and weird to human readers.

For example, stuffing keywords that do not flow smoothly with the rest of the content can make the reading very choppy and unintelligible for the readers. If readers are put off by the low quality of content on your blog, then no matter how much you try to optimize your blog for the search engines, Google is going to dump your blog so deep in the search engine result pages that it never ever sees daylight again.

So, focus on providing value to your readers and use your keywords and seo techniques in a very sophisticated manner. The latest Penguin update from Google dated April 25, 2012 clearly mentions that Google is looking to axe off those sites trying to over-optimize for seo. So, don’t go overboard with keyword stuffing, use them very smoothly and within 2-3 % density.

Tip # 3- Build Authority

Google has always stressed on the importance of back links in ranking your blog or site. The number of sites that link to your blog say  a lot about your blog’s authority. But that does not mean that all links are viewed equally by Google.

The recent updates of Google have stressed upon the importance of quality of back links, rather than quantity in ranking of your blog in the SERP. So you should focus on  building quality links, rather than setting out on a link collection spree. Quality links come as a natural by product of providing quality and trustworthy content, so we are back to “Content is King”.

Tip # 4- Make Your Blog Bot-Friendly

Unless the settings on your blog allow search engine spiders or bots to crawl and collect your data, you cannot expect your blog to rank in the search engines. Many a times, newbie bloggers who have very limited knowledge about settings may accidentally block the bots from crawling the blog. Check if your WordPress blog has chosen the following settings: WordPress Dashboard> Settings> Privacy Settings> Site Visibility> Allow search engines to index this site

Tip # 5- Make Your Blog Resourceful

Have a look at this video where Matt Cutts is being interviewed by Rodney Barlett.

[tubepress video= “gscFgaMTm48”]

Pay attention to the part where Matt Cutts illustrates the example of a translation business website. That site was not getting good rankings in Google because there was no information or useful resources for the visitors to the site. Google credits those blogs with loads of resourceful info that is especially created according to reader preferences. Know what your readers or visitors are seeking from your blog and make that info easily available to them.


It is pretty easy to get your blog indexed and ranked higher in the search engines, if you are ready to go by the rules. These 5 tips are just a few of the basic guidelines to make Google love your blog. Needless to say, there are a lot more! So keep checking back frequently for the next post on more tips to get Google love for your blog.

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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