5 Ways to Jeopardize Your Email Marketing Campaign

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Do you know what the toughest part of email marketing campaign is? No points to guess that- it’s getting people to click your email and open it and hopefully read thru’ it.

All of us online business owners are desperately seeking ways to add people to our email marketing list, but you know what? Some of us maybe unwittingly creating an opposite effect and driving people away.

“Knowing your enemy is battle half won”. So, I thought I would help you win half of your battle against your flop email marketing campaigns by pointing out your enemies. Ready, steady, go…

"email marketing tips avoiding spam"

# 1- No Personalization

How would you react if you open your inbox one fine morning with a cheerful smile playing on your lips, only to read a mail that addresses you as Dear Blog Reader / Hello Subscriber? My guess is that you would instantly reach for the delete button without bothering to read further. Well, here is your enemy # 1.

Never ever commit this blunder of sending out emails to people on your email marketing list without addressing them properly. A good way to start is by saying ‘Hello Mike’ / ‘Hi Jenny’.

Your Autoresponder settings can be easily adjusted to address the subscriber by first name.

# 2- No Mention About Yourself

Many a times I have had the misfortune of getting struck in the face by an email that says nothing about the sender or how and where I got acquainted with him / her.

Such emails generally have a tendency to be spammy and I consider such mails to be unsolicited. Usually such spammers get hold of my email id when someone whom I have subscribed to sells off my details.

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Remember to mention your name or name of your business very clearly so that your subscriber instantly recollects when and where they subscribed to your newsletter.

Try to include this info at the beginning itself to avoid impatient subscribers from pushing the ‘mark as spam’ button.

# 3- Sending Irrelevant Content

I subscribe only to blogs that publish content related to areas of my interest. But the other day I received a mail promoting a home care product from one of the health blogs that I have subscribed to. That was enough reason for me to click the unsubscribe button.

For instance if your subscribers have signed up to your blog that deals with online marketing, sales, online business or lead generation, send them content that is 100 % relevant to these topics. Do not send them mails promoting weight loss products or some weird stuff that is totally unrelated to your subscribers’ interests.

# 4- Sending Mails Ridden With Errors

There can be nothing more annoying than having to read thru’ mails ridden with grammatical and spelling errors. Why should I care to edit your mistakes and then try to sift thru’ them to discover what the heck you are talking about?

I neither have the time nor the patience to do this, so you better get your mails proof read before clicking the send button.

Your email marketing campaign has a profound relation to your business and reflects the caliber and finesse of your organization.

Time spent in checking and double checking your mails before sending them out to your subscribers is time well invested.

I personally recommend that you send at least 2 test mails for each campaign to your own email id to view your messages as they would appear to your subscribers.

This gives you a fine opportunity to iron out any rough edges and polish them to suit your subscribers’ interests before it is too late.

# 5- Sending Mails With Broken Links

How often have you signed up to get a free eBook or report that you found interesting, only to find that the subscription confirmation mail contained a broken link to download the eBook / report?

Overlooking such important facts can mean starting off on a wrong foot with your subscribers.

Always check and recheck and fix any broken links before you launch your email marketing campaign.

Broken links and incorrect info in mails stand proof to your sloppiness and you certainly do not want your subscribers to have such an unflattering impression about you or your business.


It is very easy to jeopardize your email marketing campaign if you follow one, many or all of the 5 follies described in this post. But that is not what you are aiming for, right?

Thankfully these 5 mistakes can also contribute towards improving your email marketing efforts. The only criterion is that you need to steer clear of them and at all times. Good luck!

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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