5 Ways to Make Money with Public Speaking

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Public speaking is an awesome career choice for many reasons. The first reason is the sheer abundance of possibilities to make money with your skill. The second reason is the huge amounts of money that professional public speakers get paid as their fee.

How Much Money Do Professional Speakers Make?

Professional public speakers who have already made their mark in this industry earn anywhere between $ 20000 and $ 30000 per hour. Sounds awesome? Okay I am sure you are very excited now and want to know if you can become a public speaker. Well it sure takes a basic skill called speaking, and also some training as well.

If you take a look at my previous post on public speaking, you will note that professional speakers may need some specific professional and educational qualifications as well.

Huge Earning Potential with Public Speaking

A professional public speaker need not limit himself / herself to make money. There are many other ways to generate an income in addition to taking on public speaking gigs. I have described the top 5 ways in which these professionals can earn money.

"make money with public speaking"

1) Make Money with Teleseminars

Teleseminars does sounds like some hi-fi tech stuff, but believe me when I say that it’s quite simple. These are nothing but seminars conducted over the phone. The audience is given a phone number and a pin code to gain access to the teleseminar. There are no live videos accompanying the seminars, but the speaker can display static visuals for people who choose to phone in using the web.


The access to the teleseminar is available only for people who have paid the entry fee and the amount depends upon how much the speaker wants to charge per session.

2) Make Money with Webinars

Just like Teleseminars, Webinars are also plain old seminars, but conducted with a difference. As the name suggest, webinars use the web / internet as the medium for communication between the professional public speaker and his / her audience.


Webinars use the latest advancements in technology and hence are becoming hugely popular amongst the current generation of speakers and their audiences. The best part about these webinars is that they allow all kinds of communication between the audience and the speaker like live video, audio, text chat and phone ins.

While Teleseminars are fast losing their previous popularity due to advent of Webinars, the advantage with them is that they are accessible to everyone who has a phone. While the developed nations have unrestricted internet access, the same cannot be said about other developing nations. CLICK TO CONTINUE READING

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