5 Ways to Make Money with Public Speaking

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3) Make Money with CDs

Another way to make money with public speaking is to create high quality CDs (video / audio) and sell them. Obviously the limitation with using CDs to make money with speaking is that the content cannot be customized according to the audience as it is pre-recorded. But this still is a huge income generator for speakers and they usually use it to sell their most popular speeches.

4) Make Money with EBooks / Books

The only aim in conducting a public speech is communication. The speaker uses  speech as a mode of communication in public speaking. But it need not be restricted to the oral method and writing is another awesome way to share ideas, thoughts and achieve communication. Creating eBooks / books on various topics is also a very popular money making method for speakers.

5) Making Money by Training Aspirants

I am sure that many of you may be already interested in learning how to become a professional public speaker and start creating multiple streams of income. Expert professional speakers can make money by training / coaching other aspirants like you to develop this wonderful skill. The rates charged for the public speaking course will depend upon the expertise of the coach and the depth of the coaching.

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Oh and did I mention that it is possible to learn public speaking online? Yeah and that of course is the best part. You can learn public speaking online and once you become an expert at it, you can choose to make money online by public speaking without leaving your home. Actually, I highly recommend it as a home based business.


Public speaking is definitely not for everyone as it involves many things like public speaking skills, confidence, style and a good educational / professional background. But that does not mean that these factors are necessary. There are many successful public speakers who have average or even below average education. Such speakers might be cashing in on their great motivating skills, ability to strike a chord with the audience or their innate compassion.

You now know that you can make money in 5 different ways with public speaking. Do you think public speaking can be included among home business ideas? Let me know what you think via the comment box below.

Author: Dr. Kavita

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