6 Blogging Secrets of Professional Bloggers Revealed!

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Blogging can be done by anyone. Only criterion is that you should be capable of putting your ideas / thoughts to your computer. But there are certain specific features that distinguish the probloggers, from the crowd.

What are these special features? Any blogger worth his blog would readily give an arm and leg to get hold of these inside secrets used by probloggers. But keeping the Valentine Day good cheer (that is so in the air) I am here today with those Blogging secrets, and won’t even charge you a penny for this service. Enough with the introduction and get to the 6 blogging secrets already! Okay point noted and here we go.

"blogging secrets"

Blogging Secret # 1-Self Hosted Blog

What is the difference between an ordinary pair of shoes and designer shoes? Ever seen a celebrity using ordinary brands of clothing or shoes? Well, other than the factor that these folks have loads of money to spend as they want, the main focus is on exclusivity. The designer wear or accessories that these celebrities sport make them stand apart from the crowd. Similarly a professional blogger will never be found at an address that goes www.wordpress.com/name or www.name.blogspot.com (that is common to million other bloggers)

The # 1 secret of professional blogging is to maintain an exclusive identity and that is achieved only by using self hosted blogs.

Blogging Secret # 2- Pleasant Design

Visit the blog sites of top bloggers in any niche and one thing that strikes you smack in the face is the pleasant blog design. From what I observed, professional bloggers are focused on visitor experience and strive to offer the very best in terms of blog design. By blog design I mean ease of navigation and usage of the site, pleasant color combinations for the themes and fonts and format that are quite easy on the eyes. Black is a very chic color, but using it as your blog theme color can be stressful on the eyes of readers.

Secret # 2 is to use themes that are easy on the eyes and offer a clean and uncluttered look to your blog.

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Blogging Secret # 3-Niche Selection

Probloggers are successful with their bogs because they have chosen niches whose popularity is already guaranteed. They have done their market research well before jumping headfirst into blogging. Niche selection is a very crucial part of blog set up process and may be ignored only at your own risk.

 Secret # 3 is to do a market research to find out the top 10 niches that are not only popular with the masses but also has lot of income potential in it. Out of these 10, you can finally settle on the one that best suits your interests, because if you are least interested in your niche, your blog is doomed to disaster (within a short span of time)

Blogging Secret # 4-Social Interaction

Ask any internet marketing expert and he / she will tell that how social networking is the latest buzzword. Unless your blogging is intricately connected to your social sites, the chances of it becoming popular are very narrow.

Secret # 4 is to encourage social sharing of your blogs and for this you need to enable share buttons. These buttons are extremely handy and all your readers need to do is to push any of their favorite social media button and your post gets shared on their wall and also on their friends’ wall. Social media can provide the best free advertising for your blog.

Blogging Secret # 5-Communication with Readers

Blogs are actually meant to be tools for communication and interaction between people. Probloggers encourage communication by providing easy methods of communication for their readers like comment boxes, contact form etc. They make it a point to reply to all of the comments and mails that readers send them.

Secret # 5 is communicating effectively and encouraging interaction with the readers and amongst the readers.

Blogging Secret # 6-Persistence

Success, fame and money are 3 hallmarks of probloggers that are apparent to everyone. But there is something that is more significant than all these and that is persistence. All of these successful bloggers have put in lot of time, effort and determination to reach success.

Secret #6 is to stay persistent and never give up. Success is seldom achieved overnight, so stick around with your blogging.

It is quite easy to become a problogger; you only need to know these 6 secrets and put them into practical use. Wish you good luck with your blogging success.       


Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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