6 Criteria to Select Best WordPress Themes for Your Blog

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All of us bloggers want the best of the world for our blogs. That’s why most of us prefer WordPress as our blogging platform. There are thousands of WordPress themes and choosing the best one out of them can be a daunting task.

I have created this post with an intention of making your theme selection process much easier and also to ensure that your blog gets only the very best WordPress theme in the market at unbeatable prices.

Crucial Factors in WordPress Theme Selection

Not many of us realize that that selecting a theme for our blogs is not as simple as using the default theme on installing WordPress. There are many crucial criteria to be evaluated and assessed before your blog / site can get the best of all options. Here is a list of important factors to consider:

1) Type- Blog / Website

2) Intention of your blog / site- Hobby / Business / News / Entertainment

3) Type of business

4) Type of content on your blog / site

5) Browser compatibility

6) Loading time

1) WordPress Theme for Blog / Site

Blogs and websites are totally different from each other in terms of content, function and design. Blogs have dynamic content which keeps on refreshing frequently (according to the frequency of new blog posts), whereas websites have static content. Once the info is published on a website, it usually remains unchanged and nothing new is added to it.

Also, blogs will have posts, categories, pages and also a comment section, unlike websites that usually only have pages. You have to keep these differences in mind when you select themes for your blog / website.



2) WordPress Theme Must Match Intention of Your Blog / Site

Not every blog or site has the same intention or the same niche. Some blogs are created for propagating a hobby like scrapbooking, crafts, etc while other blogs may be created as news blogs and some others for entertainment purposes.

Whatever the intention or purpose behind starting the blog, it should definitely have a WordPress theme that matches the general requirements of these intentions. If your blog deals with entertainment, you will need a theme that is bright, vibrant and lively. Look how lively this entertainment theme is:

"wordpress photo gallery theme"

A hobby blog will do very well with a bubbly and artistic theme. On the other hand a news blog should have a clean, smart and crisp theme.

3) Type of Your Business and Your Theme

Every business is unique, but it falls into certain general categories. There are many themes that have pre-designed templates suitable for each business category. For example a health website / blog can use a WordPress theme with a medical / health template or a finance site can use a finance based template.

If you have an e-commerce site or an online e-store, click here to buy the best e-commerce theme from a huge collection of splendid premium wordpress themes for doing better business.

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