6 Freelance Writing Tips for Netting Your First Project

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This is a sequel to the previous post named Freelance Writing Tips for Newbies- How to Get Launched. I hope you have checked that out before beginning to read this for obvious reasons.

Nevertheless, if you are a freelancer who has already registered with the popular freelance writing sites but have not managed to net your first project, then the freelance writing tips mentioned in this post will be perfect for you.

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Freelance Writing Tips # 1 of 6- Choose a Professional Screen Name

The first thing that you will have to choose when you register on a freelance writing jobsite would be a username or screen name. Be very selective when you do this because you really do not want to present a sorry picture with weird screen names like hottie123, rock star etc. Either go with your name or interesting screen names that say something about your skill. Perfect Words, expert writer are some of the examples.

Freelance Writing Tips # 2 of 6- Complete Your Profile Page

Every freelance jobs website provides an option for the freelancers to present a profile page, a portfolio page and an option to bid on the available projects. Your profile page is your first introduction to the prospective client. First of all upload a good profile photo because in general clients tend to prefer working with someone they can relate to. Surveys conducted by freelance writing websites have revealed that clients prefer freelancers who present complete and truthful professional information.

So take some time in filling up the overview page and make sure that you use a professionally appealing image; without exceptions. Your snap with your favorite dog or the one with your drunken boyfriend may be close to your heart, but do a favor on yourself and leave them at home.


Freelance Writing Tips # 3 of 6- Prepare a Proposal

When you bid for ghost writing or freelance writing projects online, you will need a resume and a proposal letter. While your resume is a compilation of all your educational and professional skills, your proposal letter needs to elaborate only on the skills that are specific to the project that you are applying for.

Keeping a generic proposal letter ready is a great idea because it needs only some minor tweaks before presenting it for different projects. Never use a generic proposal for all projects because clients like to select contractors who are willing to put some thought and effort into the proposal.

Freelance Writing Tips # 4 of 6- Negotiating With the Client

Once you send in your proposal, clients may want to conduct an interview with 3 or 4 short listed bidders before selecting the right freelance writer. If you are invited to an interview with the client, remember that you only have one chance at making a first impression, so get it right.

Ask questions; clarify all specs and scopes of the project before you agree to work on the project. Be specific about payment terms and conditions if the client has communicated that he / she is interested in awarding the project to you.

Asking for an advance or upfront payment is a good practice as it reduces the loss in case the client does not pay up after getting the work done.

If your freelance writing site has an escrow facility, take advantage of this to protect yourself from fraud.


Freelance Writing Tips # 5 of 6- Completing the Project Professionally

Once the project has been awarded to you, do your best to complete it in a professional manner by conforming to all specs and requirements of the project. An important consideration for most of the clients is the deadline. Commit to a deadline only if you are confident of getting the work completed before the said date.

Late submissions are a sure way to ruin your client feedback, no matter how well you have done the project.


Freelance Writing Tips # 6 of 6- Ask for Client Feedback

Most of the freelance writing job sites have a feedback or rating form to be filled by the client after successful completion of the project.

High feedback scores are a lot like merits or awards and serve the purpose of enhancing your reputation as a skilled freelance writer, which in turn helps to win more projects in future. So request your client to rate your work and send in the feedback after you complete the project.

So there you go; you have 6 solid freelance writing tips to kick start your freelance writing career. Good luck to you!

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