6 Facebook Marketing Strategies for Your Online Business

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Every business needs marketing strategies and so does your online business. But the methods used to market your offline business are quite different than the tactics that you would use to advertise your online business.

"facebook marketing strategies"

Considering that Facebook is the 2nd most visited site on the World Wide Web, and comes second only to Google, you have no choice but to learn Facebook marketing strategies for your business. The most important point to note here is that Facebook is a crucial advertising platform for offline businesses as well.

So today’s post is focused on marketing your business (offline / online) and promoting it on Facebook and will describe step by step instructions to do this flawlessly.

#1 of 6 Marketing Strategies – Create a Profile on Facebook

You need to begin at the beginning and there is no Facebook marketing without having a profile there. So register for an account (if you do not already have one) and start filling in the details. The most important part of your profile is your photo and take care to choose one that highlights your professional interests.

Once you get this done, you need to add people to your network for the simple reason that there is no networking without contacts. Add friends and accept friend requests too.

# 2 of 6- Create a Page for Your Business

You will be dealing with all the marketing, promotions and interactions via your business page, so put in some time and effort in getting this done. Carefully choose the profile image. In my opinion it is best to use the screenshot of your website as your business profile image because fans and customers who visit this page will instantly recognize and relate to your business if you do so.

# 3 of 6 – Link Your Business Site to Your Facebook Page

This is a very important step in marketing your page to your readers and your website / blog to the Facebook visitors.

So if you do this linking correctly you will be cross marketing your blog and your Facebook page to everyone who interacts with you on your site and Facebook.

This is a neat little trick and considering that all these benefits can be had for free, it sure deserves your attention.

You can place a link to your blog on your Facebook business page and place a link on your blog / website that points towards your business page on Facebook.

Most business owners title this link as “Like Us on Facebook”.

# 4 of 6 Marketing Strategies- Create / Join Groups

It is necessary to pay attention while getting this step done. Join only those groups that are closely related to your business niche and don’t just go about joining every group that your friends / Facebook alerts recommend to you.

Check out the group, its members, their interactions, messages on the wall and join only if you find an active useful interaction between the members. The benefit of joining a group is that your business is exposed to a wider audience, outside of your friend list and readers of your blog.

While creating a group, you have to keep the same things in mind. Be selective in inviting people to join your group and also while accepting members.

Don’t allow spammers in to your group and if you have any specific rules regarding posting or sharing of content / images make them very clear.

# 5 of 6 Marketing Strategies- Share and Interact

Without interactions, your Facebook page looks stale and no one likes stale pages. Get the action going by engaging in active interactions and sharing and contributing interesting content.

Find time to comment, like and encourage other business owners too, because unless you take the first step, no one will try to connect with you.

# 6 of 6  Strategies-Encourage Active Participation

As a business owner, you very well know how important audience engagement and participation is for your business. Encourage your visitors to actively participate in building your business by inviting them to take part in contests, voting, or sharing their experiences with your product on your business Facebook page.


If you want to build and promote your business, you need to learn marketing strategies that bring results. The 6 Facebook marketing strategies discussed here are not only targeted but guaranteed to help you promote your business successfully to the entire world via Facebook.

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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