6 Tricks for Freelancers to Make Clients Accept Your Job Proposal

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Let me make myself clear at the beginning itself that freelancers do not just mean freelance writers in this post.

The tricks that you are about to read are applicable to freelancers who belong to diverse fields like website designing, app creation, engineering and of course freelance writing. The common thread that runs through all of these niches is the world of freelancing.

"make clients accept freelance proposal"

The process by which a freelancer gets his / her projects is basically the same and it is a well known fact that most of the freelance jobs sourcing sites have different categories for different niches under a single banner and the process to bid and get projects is the same for everyone. Okay so let us get to the intriguing secrets without any more delay.

1) Read the Job Specs Thoroughly

This one may seem too obvious, but do you know how important this step is in getting your job proposal selected or declined? Freelancers are often working in high pressure situations and have very limited time to get everything done.

Smart freelancers have detailed time schedules for planning and organizing their entire day. So let us suppose that a particular freelancer has allotted 1 hour of his / her day daily to look for new projects, short listing the projects to bid on and then sending bids to the shortlisted clients etc. Now this freelancer will have to browse through the entire job postings (which is often nothing less than a hundred per day) to find the good projects and ones that match the criteria that they may have set for projects.

Short listing may reduce the number to about 20- 40 and by now a huge chunk of the allotted time has elapsed and the freelancer is trying to sail through the bidding process in the minimum possible time.

That is when the chances of overlooking the specs and requirements of the projects, arise.

If you place a bid without reading the specs properly, chances are high that your proposal will not match the requirements and that only means that you are guaranteeing your own failure.

2) Customize Your Proposal

I can already hear the groans and see the disbelieving looks on your faces as you read this tip. You are thinking that this is something impossible, especially when you have limited time allotted for bidding and you have at least a dozen or two projects to bid upon.

Okay, why don’t you first read my reasoning before rolling your eyes around and shaking your heads saying this is impossible? What is the point in bidding upon 20-40 projects with a boiler plate proposal that stands very little / no chance of getting the client’s attention? Instead of that it is better and more productive to bid upon just 10 proposals with a customized proposal for each of them. You are utilizing your limited time in a better way that is designed to bring you more number of proposal acceptances than you would have achieved with a boiler plate / cookie cutter bid.

3) Be Clear About Your Offer

Let’s face the facts here; freelancers are busy people, but clients have even lesser time and patience to go over pages and pages of yarn before they can get to the point. A good rule of thumb is to start your proposal by greeting the client in a civil and professional manner, and then introducing yourself in 2/3 lines. Without wasting any more time and space, you should describe clearly about your offer / reasons why the client should hire you for that project.

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