6 Tricks for Freelancers to Make Clients Accept Your Job Proposal

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Please avoid tall claims here, because any sensible person can see through your fib as soon as they cross check with your portfolio or client feedback history on your profile.

Be honest and practical when claiming about your skills / abilities. You may be tempted to claim that you can get the project completed in just 48 hours, when you see the project requirements call for urgent work. But pause before you promise and proceed further only if you can actually complete the project in 48 hours.

4) Specify the Scope of Work

When you place a bid on a project, it is highly suggested that you specify your scope of work on that project. If you are willing to write just 500 words on an article writing project, and you have placed your fees to reflect that word count, then make it clear to the client. Otherwise, it is possible that later on if the client hires you he / she may expect you to provide 500-700 words per article and add some seo for 1 or 2 keywords as well.

Refusing to do these additional tasks after the client has hired you can lead to a lot of heartburn and ugliness and the client may retaliate by cancelling the project and leaving you negative feedback. If you have specified what the client should expect for the fees that you are offering to work for, there is no room for any misunderstandings or bad blood between you two and the project will invariably continue to a smooth completion.

5) Be Realistic About Your Rates

Every freelancer has the right to put a certain price tag on his / her services. But that does not mean going overboard in this department. You should be aware of the market rates (the average ongoing rate that your professional peers are charging) and also take many other factors like your level of expertise, extent of work experience, professional certifications and so on before you fix a price tag for your services.

6) Display Professionalism

Even if you are offering a freelance gig for entertainment purposes, (like the crazy gigs seen on fiverr) your client expects you to be a thorough professional at it. Always make sure that you have a professional portfolio, resume and cover letter and it always helps to keep updating these on a regular basis to reflect your latest projects and achievements.

With these 6 freelance tricks out of the bag now, you should be well equipped to create a killer proposal that will certainly get the client’s approval and bring in more freelancing projects and hopefully more money in to your life. All the best to you!

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