7 Blogging Tips to Create Reader Magnet Blogs

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Reader magnet blogs! This phrase is enticing, isn’t it? But before we go into more details about the 7 blogging tips to help you create reader magnet blogs; let me ask you a question. What, according to you is a reader magnet blog?

To me, reader magnet blogs are those that not only force the readers to hang around to read all of the content, but also addict them to return for more.

Blogging Tips # 1- 60-30-10 Rule for Killer Title

What made you click on this blog post and tempted you in to reading more? C’mon don’t be shy; go on and admit that it was the killer title (I won’t tell anyone). Title of the blog and the first 160 characters of the post, are all you get to seduce your readers to visit your blog. This is because when your blog post appears in the search engine results, people who are searching for results can see only this much of your post.

Make the most out of it and aim for killer titles that are guaranteed to provide 60 % attraction, 30 % keyword relevance and 10 % usefulness.

Blogging Tips # 2- Engaging Introduction

No matter how great your title and how perfectly you have followed the 60-30-10 killer title rule, your reader magnet blog cannot be created without an engaging introduction. What do you write in introductions? My answer depends upon my mood and frame of mind that I am in while creating the particular blog post. My usual options are a short and sweet summary of what the reader can expect to find in the post; a shocking statement; a thought provoking question; a popular quote; an anecdote or quite often some interesting statistics.

"blogging tips"

Now that I have revealed my regular strategies for introductions, go back and read my introduction to this post to see which one of the 6 strategies I have used here.

Blogging Tips # 3- Direct Communication

You are writing a blog; not an essay or biography. But what does that mean anyway? A blog is a tool for communication between you and your readers and amongst your readers as well. Would you use indirect speech while speaking directly to a person standing in from of you or on phone? No? Then why would you use indirect speech in your blog?

What makes you think you should write in passive voice? Use direct speech. In case you were dozing off in grammar class, the best way to understand ‘active voice’ is to imagine you are speaking to your readers. That will do the trick; every time!

Blogging Tips # 4- KISS and / or ‘Snip and Trim’

What! Are you asking me to kiss? No; I am not asking you to kiss but to Keep It Short and Sensible! Yeah, leave those long winding sentences in your school essays. Keep your sentences short enough to communicate your thoughts sensibly.

If you cannot help using long sentences, apply the ‘snip and trim’ rule. Write your long sentence as you originally intended. Then snip this sentence into 2 / 3 separate sentences and trim them to be independent of each other. All the new sentences should convey sensible information independently.

Blogging Tips # 5- Don’t Fool Your Readers

Don’t try to challenge/ impress your readers with words that are complex to spell, tough to understand, and uncommonly used. I am not asking you to dumb down the content; just suggesting that you use simpler words. Commonly used words are easy to understand and convey the meaning very well.

Also; get rid of fluff and repetitions. Saying the same thing more than once, using same or different words is so boring. Why would you want to bore your readers with redundant fluff and boring repetitions?

Blogging Tips # 6- Provide 101 % Usefulness

You aim should be to provide useful and effective information to your readers. You can better understand this by imagining yourself in your readers’ shoes. There are many blogs that drive you crazy with poor content, error ridden rewrites and a total waste of your valuable time. Also, there are some blogs that tickle your brain cells with useful information and force you to bookmark for future reference? Which blog would you like to read and follow?

Use the answer to this question as a guiding tip when you are blogging for your readers.

Blogging Tip # 7- Provide Bonus Value

101 % is not good enough when you are out to create reader magnet blogs. Provide bonus value. How can you do this? Bonus value means additional information that readers can use and benefit from. Here are 3 ideas to choose from:

  1. Try providing links to other blog posts that provide in-depth explanation of one / two points mentioned in your current post.
  2. Provide a free guide / eBook / report that will help your readers gain knowledge about an additional related topic.
  3. Provide a link to a software / tool / plugin that will compliment the information given in your blog post.



Creating a reader magnet blog should be your top priority; making money from blogging will follow later. If you use these 7 blogging tips effectively and regularly, your blog should be attracting millions of views over time.

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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