7 Creative Ways to Make Money Writing for Newbie Writers

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Ever since I published my post on make money writing, I have been getting lots of emails from my readers to know more. A huge majority of these questions boil down to the same point: what are the different ways to make money writing? While I did reply to all of the emails, I thought it best to create a post that sums up the top 7 ways to earn money writing.

1.       Make Money Writing Articles

Writing articles is the basic and first step in making money writing for so many reasons. I have listed a few of them:

  • Loads of job opportunities
  • Free to apply for these article writing jobs online
  • Huge range of subjects and topics to choose from
  • Does not require advanced skills
  • Huge demand for articles online for various websites, directories and businesses
  • Easy to learn the basics of writing articles for money
  • Easy to make money writing articles online even as a part time job,  because it takes no more than an hour / two to complete an article
  • Possible to make money writing articles and create a decent monthly source of income from it

If you think that you can make money writing articles, then you probably want to know more about places to do that. You can approach magazines, newspapers or periodicals if you want to make money writing articles offline. Or if you want to make money writing online, then apply for freelance article writing jobs on the freelance job sites write and publish article on revenue sharing websites like HubPages, Squidoo, Triond, Bukisa, Infobarrel, Xoomba etc. Here is a list of more revenue sharing websites for your convenience

 2.       Make Money Writing Blogs

You can either start your own blog; wait for some time before it picks up traffic and readers and then start making money blogging or you could take an easier and faster route. Online businesses are mushrooming faster than you could spell blog. All of these businesses have a website when they start, but not all of them have blogs.

Developing a blog has been touted as an important way to bring faster traffic towards online businesses. Not all of these online business owners have the skills or time to maintain a blog. This is where skilled writers like you and me come in. You can make money writing blogs for other business owners on a freelance basis or on contract.

 3.       Make Money Writing Jingles

It takes a bit of creativity and love for rhyme and rhythm if you want to make money writing jingles.

But my guess is that any skilled writer can do this with a little bit of determination and focus. After all, you only need a tiny composition because jingles are typically meant to last only for 30 seconds. The secret to writing a hit jingle is in knowing what will click with the audience. Popular jingles are catchy, funny or cleverly scripted to put across an idea about the brand in 30 seconds.

4.       Make Money Writing Short Stories

Writing stories obviously need creativity and a liking for fiction; not to mention the amount of imagination required. If you have a good mix of all these three features, then do not think twice. You can make money writing short stories in four different ways. First of all you could approach magazines or periodicals because most of them carry a section for short stories.

Next option is to approach the online version of these magazines, i.e online magazines or story sites. Then you have the option of applying for freelance jobs under the creative writing section, where many interested clients do post short story projects. The final option is to compile your short story/ s into a paperback or eBook and sell it on online book sites.


5.       Make Money Writing Reviews

Online purchases are always viewed with a bit of doubt and uncertainty. Everyone who shops online wants to make sure about the quality and user experience of the product before investing their hard earned money in buying it. This is why review sites are so popular. The best part about review writing is that it pays quite well when compared to article writing or blog writing.

But the niche to which the product belongs will make a huge difference when you try to make money writing reviews. Writing reviews for products belonging to the technology, electronic, health and baby products niche get paid higher.

You could also make money writing reviews on Squidoo or Hubpages and earn dual income by way of revenue sharing and sales of your affiliate products.


Writing is a skill that can be acquired through consistent training and practice, even if you are not born with excellent literary abilities. When there are so many avenues to make money writing, why not invest some time and effort in learning how to write well? For starters, subscribe to my blog updates below, because I keep posting regularly about various ways to make money writing and also tips and tricks to improve the monetary value of your writing.

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