7 Imperative Twitter Tips for Bloggers

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Twitter uses legitimate and authentic means and  provides a solid platform for promoting business pursuits of its users. Newer products and services certainly need wide exposure to reach the target audience. So twitter optimizes the brands to reach extreme success with the help of its followers.

Like other social networking sites, Twitter involves sharing latest and constructive information with a squad of people who are very much interested in interactions. They are called as followers of Twitter as opposed to friends on Facebook. Here are seven twitter tips for bloggers and all business owners to achieve booming business, good reputation and become a massive hit on Twitter. Consider these as guiding links for anyone who desires to build a hefty Twitter following.

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1. Watch Your Language and Syntax

It is necessary to check your sentences when you post Twitter updates. Since the word limit is only 140 characters; you need to very cautious of words that constrain your business page to a great level. Sometimes these short sentences when badly worded will create a bad impression which gradually results in having no respect towards your product.

Make sure that you check your grammar and utilize sentences in a precise approach before clicking the update button. Ensure that the visitors should not be bewildered with your subject matter and with the usage of erroneous grammar.

2. Always Be Civil

This is one of the imperative aspects to be considered as you should never illustrate any signal of attacking people with your tweets. Moreover when you engage in untamed conversation then it leads to people losing conviction on you and your business. Apart from this always use civil words to increase the quantity of followers.

3. Don’t Always Respond To Critics

The concept of criticism runs everywhere and it is in your hands to overcome it in a premeditated way. Try not to respond to such critics.

4. Focus on Real Facts

Your blog should contain authentic information and also matters regarding your targeted audience in Twitter. Always make sure that you don’t show anything in the short post other than divulging the content and description in a catchy manner. With the use of this technique the people will certainly like to get into the real information entrenched in that link. However sharing useful tips and guides to your followers’ everyday will land you in great heaps of traffic.

5. Don’t Ridicule Others

Sometimes other users may post some blunders or something that shows them in the bad light. Never ridicule others in such situations.

6. Stay Focused on Your Niche

Make sure that you never get into conversations on any critical subjects with other people on twitter. Apart from this remain in your niche and never try to analyze the industry which you are interested. For example if you are not blogging about politics then it is better that you don’t connect yourself in tweeting and sharing information relating to that specific field. Make sure that you stay energetic in sharing information and news which are related to your subject matter.

7. Learn from Other’s Mistakes

Mistakes performed by others should not be repeated by you as bloggers. It is significant to stay unbiased and tweet right words. In order to avoid long run consequences it is compulsory to avoid ridiculing someone’s tweet.


With the help of Twitter you can market your blogs and business to a great extent. As a blogger you should always try to move a step ahead with all the innovations in technology. These 7 tips will help you immensely in expanding your business and blog on Twitter.

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