7 Tips to Write Resume Cover Letters That Get You Hired

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Majority of us have come across several situations in our life when we were required to write resume cover letters. Though we may have managed to do an okay job each time when we were forced to write resume cover letters; doing so can reflect very poorly on our prospects of landing a good job. So the next logical question that arises is how to write resume cover letters in a professional and acceptable manner. Here are 7 tips to help you write resume cover letters in an outstanding fashion.

Tip #1

You have to put in lot of effort and time when you are trying to write resume cover letters, for the sole reason that it is not just a simple document; but an effective tool to market your skills and abilities. The purpose of attempting to write resume cover letters is to communicate all about your skills, talent, educational qualifications and experience in an effective and attractive manner

Tip # 2

Addressing the cover letter to the appropriate person is as important as putting in efforts to write resume cover letters. If the name of the person to be contacted is not mentioned; play safe and address it to the Director of Human Resources

Tip # 3

Using professional and legible font is highly important when you are attempting to write resume cover letters. As with any other professional document, never use decorative fonts and keep the font size between 11 and 12 points. Avoid use of unprofessional vocabulary, meaningless jargon and acronyms or abbreviations. Make your points very clear to the employer and never keep him/ her guessing.

Tip # 4

Next step when you write resume cover letters is to take a detailed look at the body of the cover letter. The main body should have 3 different components, and must be divided in to 3 separate paragraphs. The first paragraph should state the designation applied for and must disclose how you got information about the vacancy and why you are interested in joining that company.

Tip # 5

What should you put in the 2nd paragraph when you write resume cover letters? This is the main part of your cover letter and the heart of your marketing tool. So place all important and attractive information here like skills, talent, abilities etc. Also state reasons why you would be best suited to this job and how the organization is going to benefit by hiring you.

Tip # 6

The 3rd paragraph is certainly the last but needs special attention when you write resume cover letters. You can place a word of thanks to the employer here for having considered your application. Also make sure that you put in your latest and updated phone number and clearly state the timings when you will be available to talk.

So now you have 6 important tips and step by step instruction on how to write resume cover letters that will be considered as professional and capable of attracting the employer’s attention. But before winding up the tips on how to write resume cover letters, here is the last final

Tip #7: Check and recheck your cover letter for any errors; and promptly correct them if present.

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