8 Blog Writing Tips for Beginners to Learn and Experts to Improve

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Blog writing tips are appreciated by beginners and expert bloggers alike! Beginner bloggers seek blog writing tips to create their first blog and present it professionally but expert bloggers are looking for ways to improve their blogs and polish it further. So today’s post is designed to suit the requirements of both categories of bloggers.

#1 of 8 Blog Writing Tips- Plan before You Post

Planning and plotting before posting your blog is a good way to start your blog writing process. Have a well defined subject or topic in mind. Make sure that your topic relates to your niche in general and category in particular.

# 2 of 8 Blog Writing Tips- Time Your Topic

Double check for relevance of your chosen topic! This is applicable for blog posts of all niches. Look around and check the latest trends to ensure that your chosen topic is well-timed. Doing so guarantees two things: increased traffic and increased subscriptions. Another idea is to keep a tab on what other blogs in your niche are posting about.

# 3 of 8 Blog Writing Tips- Love Your Keyword

Use your Google Adwords tool to evaluate the best possible keyword for your chosen topic. Try to stick with the exact key phrases as much as possible.  Only if the key phrases are inordinately awkward to be used as it is; should you attempt at using alternative key phrases.

# 4 of 8 Blog Writing Tips-Outline the Skeleton

Having an outline in your mind before beginning to write your blog post will serve as the skeleton on which you can hang the flesh and skin of your ideas. Ensure that your outline has an introduction, 3-5 sub-headings and a well defined summary or conclusion.

Many bloggers start out writing the post very well, but tend to rush out towards the end. Ending your blog abruptly without a proper conclusion will not only make your blog post look highly amateurish but also will confuse and irritate your readers (I am sure you want to avoid both these situations like the plague)

# 5 of 8 Blog Writing Tips-Killer Title

You have planned and plotted to your heart’s content and you need to get down to the actual blog writing part. First of all place a killer attention seeking title. A great title can do lots of great things for your blog. First of all, it gets your reader hooked, curious and eager to read what follows the title.

Next it helps the readers gauge what your blog post is all about. Oh, before I forget let me remind you about placing the keyword in your title.

# 6 of 8 Blog Writing Tips-Interesting Introduction

Your introduction is highly crucial for two reasons. The first reason is that majority of the readers will just glide through the intro and will bother to read the rest of the post only if the intro interests them.

The second reason is that the first 1 or 2 lines of your intro are all that are going to be displayed in search engines, when someone types in the keywords related to your blog post. If the intro is great, they will be enticed to click on it and come and visit your blog site.

# 7 of 8 Blog Writing Tips-Sensible Sub-headings

Don’t present your blog like a school essay, in one big block. Divide it into smaller chunks of sensible and specific sub-headings. Not only will this give your blog post a cleaner look but also will help the readers to skim through the post quickly.

# 8 of 8 Blog Writing Tips-Claim the Conclusion

The conclusion part of your blog is where you will need to focus more if you are looking for reader action. Insert your call to action here and make the most of your conclusion.


All the 8  tips mentioned above need to be kept in mind and put into use each time you post a blog; without exceptions! So take a nice long look, read this blog post twice or thrice or even better, go take notes. Do what you need to but don’t forget these 8 awesome blog writing tips and yeah; take the trouble of commenting and letting me know about your tips as well.

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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