8 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic- Works for Brand New Blogs Too!

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Blog traffic is something that all bloggers want, irrespective of the age of their blogs. No wonder that 9900 people want to know how to increase blog traffic and 49,500 online searches are on blog traffic, each month.

"get more traffic and visitors to your blog"

As a beginner blogger with a shiny new blog, you only want 2 things: magic bullet to increase blog traffic and overnight popularity of your blog.

But you set up your new blog, create some posts and wake up each morning to check how many visitors have dropped in to say hello to your new blog.

Days, weeks and months pass by; but you cannot see any blog traffic. You lose hope, want to pack your blog and throw it somewhere in the corners of the blogosphere. And then suddenly you find this awesome post by me on Blog traffic and you realize that all has not been lost; there still is hope for your blog. 

Okay, enough with the introduction; let us get to the 8 guaranteed ways to increase and boost blog traffic right away.

Method # 1- Submit Your Blog to Search Engines

No matter what other methods you try to boost blog traffic, unless search engines get wind of your new enterprise, no visitors are going to come your way. So submit your blog to all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Msn etc. All of these search engines have a submit button for submitting the URL of your blog.

Another important tip to remember with regard to search engines is that you need to optimize your site for search engine spiders and bots to find you out in a hassle free manner. You should use SEO and if you do not know what seo is read my previous post on seo blogging tips for beginners.

Method # 2- Get Popular in Social Media Circles

Social media has become a very important feature in popularizing a new blog or site and the best part is that blog traffic from these social networks is free and instant. Enable share buttons for the most popular social media networks, either below or towards the side of your posts.

This helps visitors and readers to share your posts with their friends and groups using just a single hassle-free click. Here are the top 5 social media networks that you should utilize to increase traffic towards your blog.




Google +


Method # 3- Use Article Marketing to Your Advantage

Article marketing is by far the easiest way to gain blog traffic, because all you have to do is write good quality articles and then submit it to the various free online article directories. While this sounds quite simple, there are certain points that I would like to draw your attention to.

First of all do not make the mistake of submitting same articles to more than one article directory.

Secondly use the article resource box wisely to get back links from the article directories.

If two links are allowed, use one of the links to direct towards your newsletter and the second towards one of your posts that is related to the topic in the submitted article.

Use anchor text wisely because your Google page rank depends a great deal on the links towards your blog and also the anchor text used to direct those links.

Method # 4- Guest Blogging on Related Blogs

Guest blogging is actually much better than article marketing and you will find out why in a moment. When you submit a high quality post on a blog that is related / similar to your niche, the blog traffic that you receive is a targeted one. What does this mean to you?

Things are actually much easier for you with guest blogging. The blog already has carved out a decent reputation for itself and has many subscribers and traffic. When you create a guest post here, you are marketing your skills and expertise to people who are interested in your niche.

Targeted blog traffic is quite an advantage over non-targeted traffic because of easier and higher conversion ratios.

Method # 5- Join Forums and Groups

Forums and groups related to your niche are a great hangout for exchanging information, getting valuable tips, keeping yourself updated about happenings in your niche and most important of all in getting traffic.

Most of the forums and groups permit registered members to post links to personal sites, either directly or as a signature.

Put this facility to good use but ensure that you are not labeled a spammer. Using forums and groups to simply post affiliate links or links to your site is not going to help increase blog traffic.

The best way to do this is by providing value to the members of the forum/ group. Take active part in discussions, solve problems and provide tips and answers to questions being asked and you are good to go.

Method # 6- Use Your Email Signature Beneficially

You have a facility to customize your email signature in all email service providers. Use this facility to provide links to your blog as a signature for each and every mail sent from your mailbox.

This may not bring you hoards of blog traffic like guest blogging or social media, but it definitely adds droplets to the ocean.

Method # 7- Start a Newsletter

Getting readers to subscribe to your newsletter is a fine way to guarantee blog traffic each time that you send it out. Newsletters typically have a teaser of the latest posts and encourage subscribers to visit your site to read more.

Method # 8-Sure Shot and Guaranteed

All my regular readers know how I like to save the best for the last. So like every time, here is the best and guaranteed method to increase blog traffic. Create content that captivates and educates. Readers and visitors are looking for value. With over a billion blogs in the blogosphere, why would anyone want to keep visiting your site regularly?

Everything finally boils down to providing value in an entertaining and captivating manner. Ensure that your posts are high quality with detailed and thorough information and presented attractively in an error free and easy-to-digest manner.

Important Tip

While all the 8 methods described above can be used as standalone ways to increase blog traffic, my personal suggestion and opinion is to use all of them in sync with each other.

Use all the 8 methods simultaneously and you will definitely see a boost in your blog traffic.

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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