Advertising Tips for Your Local Internet Marketing Company

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Any local Internet marketing company is going to recoil at taking tips on how to advertise. Marketing is their profession–but their overconfidence may be their downfall.

An Internet marketing company is going to focus on online advertising (because that is what they are good at), but the world is far more local than the Internet allows. There are probably companies in the same building who need good Internet marketers.

"advertsing tips"

There is a world beyond the servers in the data room, and it exists beyond the Internet marketer’s front door. Here are some ways that a local Internet marketing company may advertise.

Print Few Business Cards

It is okay to simply put a website on your business card, along with your company name, but many times a business card will need more details on it before people will decide to keep it. The key is to put just enough information on the business card so as to not deter the reader. If you put too much information on one business card it will spoil the visual effect of the card, and it will defeat the purpose of a business card.

A business card should be something that people can quickly reference. They do not want to have to pick through information in order find what they want. The most common mistake that businesses make is to put all of your company’s offices or locations on one card. Local advertising means that you only need to put the closest office/locations address on the card–this is all that the customer is going to need.

Another common mistake that people make with business cards is putting information on the business card that expires. It is okay to say that you have free delivery if your company offers free delivery all the time, but if you put prices on your business cards then the card will be useless soon. This removes any incentive for the customer to keep it in their files.

Network in your Local Neighborhood

There are all sorts of commercial get-togethers that run across the country. There are expos and events, in which you are able to market your company and its products. Use these events to network. If you wish to advertise your Internet marketing company then your local area is a good place to do it.

Your competitors are probably single-mindedly chasing online clients, without dipping their toe into the offline market. Even people who already use your competitors’ services will still attend local events. This means that you may gain fresh new clients, and steal a few of your competitor’s clients too. You should also give out your business cards too.

Talk Like an Online company but Walk like an Offline Company

Internet marketing companies will often become so focused on the online world that they forget that they are still a flesh and blood business. Their staff are still ambassadors for their company in the local community. Why not incentivise your staff to sell to their friends and family?

Why not hand out leaflets in the local area, or hang a banner from your office building. Focusing on gaining attention online is only half the battle. The nature of your business means that you are probably going to focus on online marketing because you are good at it. But, if you do this you will deny yourself the chance to sell to a large selection of your local community.

Use Logic to Persuade People

If your local area is called “Gurund”, you should post adverts saying, “If you are reading this in Gurund, then so will your customers.” You may even go a step further and say, “We are so good at Internet marketing that we even have YOU looking at our adverts.

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