All You Need To Know About Blog Hosting Before Hosting Your Own Blog

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Every newbie / beginner blogger should know about blog hosting vitals before selecting any specific blog hosting provider. All my regular readers are now well aware of how I am totally against free hosting blog options.

Despite that I will discuss about all available options in blog hosting, including the free blog hosting options for the benefit of my readers.

As a newbie or beginner blogger you will come across many new terms related to blogging when you begin planning to set up a new blog of your own. It is but natural for many of you to be confused about the actual meaning of implication of majority of such terms. One such term that you will come across often is blog hosting.

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What Exactly Does Blog Hosting Mean?

To explain more about this, let me put it this way. Your blog is actually a huge collection of several different files that includes your posts, images, videos, comments, pages and everything that you put onto your blog. When you create a document on your computer, you save it onto the hard disk to retrieve it later.

But whatever files that you create on your blog are not being saved to your computer and they need to be saved somewhere so that you and your blog visitors will be able to access them time and again. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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