All You Need To Know About Blog Hosting Before Hosting Your Own Blog

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Blog site hosting entails using an online computer which is equipped to save all your blog files. This online computer must be huge because it should be able to accommodate all your blog files as it grows over the years. It must also be accessible at all times. A service provider that provides blog hosting service is called as the hosting company.


Blog Hosting and Currently Available Options

When you are starting a new blog you might not want to spend much / any money because you are simply testing the waters. Let me be clear here. If you ask my opinion, I would never ever recommend any blogger (newbie or expert) to go with free blog hosting platforms. I will explain the reasons in detail in the following sections of this post. But as of now let us get you familiarized with free blog hosting.

Free Blog Hosting Sites

You can opt to host your blog for free on,,, etc. Sean Aune has written a detailed post on free blog hosts on Mashable. Read more about 40+ free blog hosts


Disadvantages of Free Blog Hosting

The disadvantages of free blog hosting are many and here are some of them listed for your understanding:

  • No independent / free standing domain names
  • Restricted storage space for your blog files
  • Very limited bandwidth
  • Selective/ no facility for earning revenue from displaying advertisements on your blog
  • Limited features for customization of your blog template / design
  • Limited support from technical team with inordinate delays in getting solutions if any
  • Restrictions about nature and type of content allowed on your blog
  • Restrictions about promoting any affiliate products

Advantages of Paid Blog Hosting

It really puzzles me why bloggers decide to opt for free blog hosting when they can get professional and up-to-date hosting services by paying less than $2. Click to get your $1.99 Web Hosting. Yeah, you read that right. You really do not need to break the bank to get paid hosting services for your blog.


Timely Technical Support

While the advantages of paid blog hosting are many, my personal favorite is the excellent technical support that I receive from Hostgator, which is my blog hosting company. I have never had to wait more than 15 minutes to get an answer to my doubts or solution to my problem, ever since the first day of starting my blog. It has an excellent round the clock customer support and that is something I hugely appreciate. All paid hosting companies provide similar or comparable customer support.

Unlimited Add-on Domains

I have paid for hosting just one of my blogs, but I am free to use the hosting services for unlimited amount of domain names. As of now I have 4 other blogs of mine hosted on the same plan and the best part is that I am paying less than $ 4 / month. In future even if I decide to host 10000 other blogs, I do not need to pay anything extra. I also enjoy the facility of adding unlimited sub-domains as well.

Daily Back-up and Security

Imagine having to lose all your valuable data after years of slogging on your blog posts. That would never happen with my paid blog hosting services because they run a daily backup that is overseen automatically at a fixed time of the day. This helps me sleep soundly without worrying my head off about losing data.

One of the major issues with free blog hosting is the increased risk of your blog being hacked and your privacy getting threatened. Paid blog hosting services take utmost care of keeping your files secure and you also have the option of using a secure password to protect your files.



It is easy to get tempted by the various free blog hosting platforms that all of us are bombarded with each day. But there is no point in refusing paid blog hosting services, especially when you compare the advantages and affordable rates.


Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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