Article Marketing Ideas That Match Your Online Business

| December 8, 2012

Articles are a good way of communicating with a certain segment of the Internet community, no matter what your online business is.

Some people prefer to get their information through images, (info graphics, Pinterest, etc), some people prefer blogs (Twitter, etc), some people prefer videos (Daily Motion, YouTube), and others prefer articles (Ezine, Squidoo, etc). Some people like the fact that articles are more removed and less personal than blogs.

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Some also appreciate the fact that an article is usually more regulated. For example, Ezine will not allow deliberately poor material, and Squidoo will simply not publish your article if enough people do not like it.

Using articles as a marketing medium is a risky strategy that has been poorly executed for a long time. Here are a few ways you can use article marketing in a way that will fit your Internet business.

To Notify Readers of a New Business Or Product

Businesses spend thousands on advertising their new business or products, both on and offline. So many of these businesses neglect using articles for a simple function like informing people about a new product or business. There is not always a need for fireworks and flashy sales pitches. People hate adverts. Advertisements are everywhere because advertisers know that people will do anything to avoid them, therefore they put them in places where people have to look.

If you create an article that states the facts in a simple and concise manner, you are going to find that there are people who will read them. Some people are genuinely interested to hear and read about new businesses, but they are not prepared to be advertised to. You can appeal to this interested minority with an article. It is cheap and highly effective if you avoid being over promotional. Temper your enthusiasm with facts.


To Endorse Your Business or Your Products

It can’t hurt to advertise your interests via this medium, right?

To Inform Readers of the Benefits of Using Certain Products

Some products have very limited benefits, such as a screwdriver. There is little you can teach people about your screwdrivers for sale that cannot be summed up in a small item description nestled next to the item. There are some products that are very easy to use and therefore do not need an article writing to inform people of their uses. For example, “food goes in your tummy” does not make for great reading. There are some products however, that have any number of uses.

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