Article Marketing Ideas That Match Your Online Business

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There are products that can be utilized using a massive number of techniques, by a large number of different types of people and professionals. You can write articles about the products you have that are in this category.

The more uses and techniques involved then the more articles you create. All you need to do is add a link to your version of that product at the top and bottom of the article to drive sales and traffic towards it.


To Review Your Products / of Others

 People often use the Internet to find reviews and ratings for the products you sell. Don’t just leave it to third parties to do the reviewing. Add your own opinion into the mix.

To Educate Readers About Your Product Range

Some people do not know your entire range of products. Some people may have a general idea of what you sell, but there is a large possibility that most people are unaware of your full range. You can highlight and expose your full range. You can write an article about every product category that your company carries. You can even write articles about every item your company carries (if they are interesting enough). You may also write multiple articles about the same product category or product and place them in different places on the Internet, so that they get a better coverage.


To Highlight Any Eco/ Animal Friendly Methods Used

This is vitally important if you do not want to lose a lot of customers. Many, many companies lose hundreds of customers each month because they neglect to mention the things that they are not doing. There are burger manufacturers that do not mention that their beef does not come from cattle raised in deforested areas.

 There are tea and coffee manufacturers that fail to mention that their coffee is not grown in areas of natural beauty, or that trees were not cut down to clear space for their coffee farms. Even if your online business is simply selling shoes, you could mention that your faux leather shoes are not real cow leather.

Your online business probably has some form of ethical consideration. You should use articles to point out that all of your processes and products are done and produced in an ethical way.


To Give Technical Information about Your Products

People can read it on your website or with the technical manuals that come with the product. There is no harm in posting it as an online article too.

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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