5 Insanely Useful Tips To Be a Popular Blogger

| November 29, 2013

Becoming a blogger is quite easy; it is the blogging part that takes effort. Anyone who owns a blog is a blogger but there are a few smart tricks that differentiate a popular blogger from an ordinary one.

If you own a blog, you too might have wondered at some point of time about the secret ingredients to becoming a star blogger. I have observed many popular bloggers and have shortlisted 5 of the tricks that almost all of them apply on their blogs.

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1) Blogger Style

Readers do not follow blogs; they follow the blogger who writes for them. I have observed a weird fact about readers. It is not the content or information that you put out to them that attracts their attention, but it is the approach that matters.

Social media sites are a great place to observe how readers behave. For example on Facebook you see thousands of blog posts being shared by members of a group on the group page. Only a handful of the group members manage to get their blogs read. Readers use the style of the blogger as one of the major criteria in choosing which blog to read.

So develop your own style as a blogger and stick to it. You will find readers who love your style and once you do, they will remain loyal to you.

2) Sincere Blogger

This tip cannot be emphasized enough. If you want to be a popular blogger, then you need to be true to your readers. Do not write crap with an intention to fool your readers. Go all out when you blog about something.

Do not hold back any useful information. Share your knowledge with your blog readers and let them benefit from it. Never share untrue or false information with an intention to cheat your readers.

3) Patience is Golden

Though this tip is at # 3, it actually merits the numero uno position among blogging tips, because you should not even think of starting a blog if you lack patience. Rome was not built in a day. No matter how outstanding your style and how genuine a blogger you might be, it takes time to develop your popularity.

You HAVE to wait until the limelight shines on you. You will be surprised if you knew about the waiting periods that most of the A-list bloggers have had to endure before becoming a hit with their readers.

4) Know Your Readers

Every popular blogger you see online has one outstanding quality and that is the ability to make each of their readers feel that the blog was focused on them. A star blogger may have millions of readers, but he / she manages to touch the chord with each of their readers.

This may seem a bit tough at first. But if you observe your readers closely, pay attention to what they comment, what they suggest and of course what they like and promote the most, you can get a fair idea of what your readers want from you.

Doing this takes a lot of effort, time and patience, but the results are awesome. You can guarantee the loyalty of your readers for a long long time.

5) Keep The Passion Alive

Almost every newbie blogger that I have observed starts blogging with great passion. But sadly, this passion tends to wear off after a few months or within the first year / so. Do not do this, because your readers tend to subconsciously pick up this lack of interest and dwindling of passion from you. And they tend to reflect the feelings of the blogger.

So don’t expect your readers to be interested in reading your blogs, if you have no passion left inside of you to maintain your blog.


Blogging is a wonderful way to connect with people and the keyword here is “connect”. Look at your blog as a tool to connect with your readers and keep striving to make that possible.

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