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2014 is finally here and you are probably done with your New Year celebrations and partying by now. So tell me dear fellow blogger, how did you spend 2013? And by this I mean, how did your blog spend 2013? I presume that you have been blogging for at least the past 6 months or so, or you wouldn’t be reading this post.

2013 Was Hectic For Your Blog!

At least that is what I am guessing, because the first couple of months after starting your own blog are usually quite hectic. A huge part of your time is taken up in doing hundred different things like:

  • Getting a great theme designed for your blog
  • Organizing your blog systematically by setting up relevant categories for your posts
  • Getting an about page done
  • Setting up a contact form
  • Registering accounts on social media sites
  • Registering on forums related to your blog niche
  • Joining groups related to your blog niche
  • Subscribing to Autoresponder services and
  • Most importantly- creating awesome blog content

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Getting all these things done is not a small task and usually takes about 3-6 months to come under some amount of control.

Your Blog May Have Been Around For a Longer Duration

Even if you have been blogging for more than this period, then too this scenario applies to you. Your blog may have been around for a longer time and by now it has managed to claim a space (albeit small) on the blogosphere.

You may also have amassed a pretty decent amount of subscribers and managed to build a good amount of followers and commentors on your blog.

But finally a time does come when the original thrill begins to slightly fade off and you no more are pumped up and excited to visit your blog dashboard first thing in the morning.

You no more feel that blogging is only second in your list of most exciting activities you ever did in your life (1st place is probably taken up by your honeymoon 🙂 )

What Caused This Drastic Change?

In all probability, you have asked this question to yourself over a hundred times by now. But you could not put your finger on the nagging problem. And it goes without saying that unless you pinpoint your problem, you cannot even hope to find a tangible solution to it.

This is exactly where I come in, or let me word it better (minus the vanity) to make it more acceptable to you. 🙂

Okay so this is exactly where this post comes in to save your day and insure your blog from decay and decomposing into an early death.

Your problem is that your blog has stopped growing. Nada! No matter which year you started your blog in; your blog has reached the same standstill that other blogs reach at some point of their blogging life.

Does It Mean I Did Something Horribly Wrong With My Blog?

Nope; it does not mean that. Just calm down, take a deep breath and relax (at least try to relax okay?). Okay let me try to bring down the pressure. Would you feel somewhat better if I revealed the fact that your blog is not alone? Already feeling better, yeah?  🙂

Listen dear blogger buddy, just like every one of us has to go through the horrible acne-filled phase called adolescence before we get to show off a ‘peaches and cream complexion’ as adults, all blogs go through this standstill or inertia phase at some point or another.

It really does not matter if the blogs are classified as new, old, authority, newbie or big brand blogs. Every blog has its own little stint with inertia, when its growth reaches a standstill or plateau.

Okay, So What To Do Next?

Nice question! Because mopping around won’t do you or your blog any good and also because action is the opposite of inertia, you need get into ACTION to get your blog out of this rut.  BTW, this is exactly how smart bloggers (who have great business sense) approach their blog inertias.

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Author: Dr. Kavita

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