Blog Hosting Vitals-Everything You Need To Know About Hosting Your Blog

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Blog hosting is the final step in the setting up of your blog. In case you are wondering what the previous steps are, then please read my previous post on blog tips for beginners by clicking here. If you already are aware of blog hosting sites like Blogger or WordPress, you may be tempted to go with free blog hosting provided by them.

Why Free Blog Hosting is a Rotten Idea?

My suggestion for you is DON’T opt for free blog hosting, and the reasons are quite simple. First of all you cannot monetize blogs hosted on free blog hosting sites, and second is that you have very little or no control over customization or personalization of your blogs hosted here. Moreover, you cannot name your blog as you would like it to be, as the format will be www.yourblogname/ or www.yourblogname/  So your individuality goes out of the window, when you choose free blog hosting.

Blog Hosting Charges on Paid Hosting Sites

Actually the best incentive for any blogger who wants to make money blogging to use paid hosting is that these sites charge very small amounts of money but provide exceptional quality of service. Take HostGator paid hosting plans for example. This is the best blog hosting provider that has very cheap hosting plans that offers exemplary service without burning a hole in your pocket.

20 Quick Reasons to Choose Paid Hosting by HostGator

HostGator has 3 different paid hosting plans called Hatchling, Baby and Business Plans. The Hatchling plan starts at just $ 3.96 / month of hosting, while the baby plan costs just $ 6.36 / month and business plan will cost merely $ 10. 36 / month. Don’t you feel that these charges are completely affordable for even a beginner blogger?

HostGator also offers reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers at extremely affordable and economical prices. A beginner blogger will not need any of these services and these services are meant only for those sites / businesses that huge data storage needs and need dedicated servers for reasons of security as well.

HostGator offers 99 % uptime, which is more than what you could ask for in a shared hosting plan. What does uptime mean? Uptime in simple language means that your site is running properly and available for viewing to visitors. 99 % uptime means that despite your blog sharing disk space on a server is running smoothly 99 % of the time.

HostGator offers free, instantaneous and 24 hour support. No other hosting company can compete with this paid hosting company in terms of excellent customer support. When you are newly hosting your blog, you have many doubts and questions. The last thing you want in such a situation is delay in getting your doubts / technical problems solved. The live ticket support system is simply awesome and you are attended to within 1-10 minutes of requesting a live chat ticket.CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

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