Blog Tips for Beginners: 4 Crucial Points in Keyword Selection

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While discussing blog tips for beginners, the previous post detailed the importance of doing keyword research and also explained why keyword research is crucial for both advertisers and bloggers. This post is the sequel and aims at explaining more about 4 crucial points to take care of in keyword selection. Taking care of these 4 points in keyword selection can guarantee that you make money from blogging.

Blog Tips # 1 of 4 Crucial Points

The first and foremost thing to ensure when you short list the keywords for you blog posts is relevance. Let me make this blog writing tip clearer by illustrating an example. Suppose you found out from the Google adword tool that blog tips is a hot keyword. So you decide to use this keyword for your next post. But if you merely stuff the keyword inordinately into your blog post on freelance writing tips, that actually has nothing to do with blog tips, then it makes your keyword totally irrelevant.

So when I emphasize on relevance of keyword to your blog post, it means that your blog post should be focused on blog tips and should also use the keyword blog tips between 1 and 2 % density. (More about this in a later post on SEO blog tips)

"blog tips for beginners"

Blog Tips # 2 of 4 Crucial Points

The next important point to take care of if you want to make money from blogging is to ensure that your keywords are really going to bring you some traffic. How can you find the traffic potential of a keyword? For this you might want to understand the difference between searches conducted by people using certain keywords and the actual traffic received by websites / blogs.

For example when you use the keyword blog tips, you might see 2,860,000,000 results. But does that mean all these websites / blog sites that have articles or information on blog tips are going to be visited by the people who search for the results? No, most of the people do not even go beyond page 1 of Google. So your keyword has to bring in traffic to your website not just searches on the web.

Blog Tips # 3 of 4 Crucial Points

Competition is the next most important factor in analyzing strength of keywords. It goes without saying that it becomes more tougher to win a race where 1000 pros are competing with you as compared to another race where you are competing with 200 other amateurs like you. So in my opinion I would suggest going for the low competition keywords that stand a chance of bringing up your blog site on the 1st page of Google hopefully.

Blog Tips #4 of 4 Crucial Points

You should determine if the keyword that you are using is really going to help you in making money blogging, because many a times it so happens that your blog site gets a hoard of traffic but none of them are buying anything from you or from the advertisers that you are promoting. How sad is that? You are spending such an enormous amount of time in finding the perfect keywords, writing unique blogs, and optimizing your site but you are not being paid in return.

The commercial viability of a keyword can be roughly assessed by using the Google adword tool. Make sure that you are not wasting your time on empty keywords that bring you a lot of un-paying traffic.


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