Blogging is Now Therapy for Teenagers? Psychology Journal Stands Testimony?

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Blogging can make money and is a great way to spend your leisure time as well. But would you believe that blogging can be therapy for stressed our teenagers? No, don’t laugh and mind your mocking looks, will you? Here is proof that blogging can indeed be therapeutic for teenagers going through ‘adolescent crisis’.

What Does Blogging Have Anything to Do with Therapy?

Teenagers and their adolescent crises are well-known to every adult (who obviously has gone through this phase at one point of time).

"blogging therapy"

Well, psychologists at University of Haifa, Israel planned to conduct a research on a group of teenagers. Their intention was to study the effects of maintaining a personal diary and a publicly visible blog (online journal) on the stress levels of teenagers.

Research on Blogging

151 teenagers who were aged around 15 years were selected and the selection was on the basis of their emotional issues. Almost all of them had some or the other kind of difficulty in maintaining a normal social life. In simple words, it just meant that these teenagers were having trouble making friends and mixing up with people socially.

All 151 students were divided into 6 different groups and of these, 2 groups of teenagers were used as controls. These teens were asked to either maintain old fashioned real world personal dairies or do nothing at all.

The 4 test groups were again divided into 2 batches each. While one batch was asked to maintain a blog and keep blogging about their fears and insecurities, the other batch was instructed to blog about the usual teen fancy stuff. Of the 2 groups in each batch, only 1 group was allowed to keep comments open and interact with their audience.

Results of Blogging With and Without Comments

Psychologists who were studying these test groups found that the emotional health of those teens improved who were allowed to interact via comments with their audience. The most surprising part of the entire study was that, almost all of the commentors supported the troubled teens by sending assurances and positive comments. This helped to boost the confidence and improved the emotional state of the teens.

Out of all the 6 groups, the group that indulged in blogging and interaction via comments got the best advantage for their mental wellbeing.

Is Blogging for You?

I have always blogged here about the money making benefits and possibilities of blogging. But if those were not adequate to motivate you; how about the latest recommendation by expert psychologists? If better emotional health and de-stressing are not the best reasons to start blogging, then what is?

Go get your first blog out for the world to see. Let those thoughts and ideas come pouring out. Let the comments keep rushing in and let your emotions dance with positivity. Go blogging now!

Author: Dr. Kavita

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