Blogging Tips for Beginners: Earn While You Blog

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Blog tips to make money or blogging tips for beginners may have been the search terms that you used to get to this blog post. You are very welcome dear reader, as you have come to the right place. I intend to post blogging tips for beginners to show how they can earn small amounts of money and then gradually go on to earning six figure incomes by blogging.


This post is for beginners who have not yet done anything else except than read or hear about the idea of making money blogging. So obviously I need to begin from the beginning. Okay so let us go through the blogging tips for beginner in a step by step fashion:

# 1 of 5 Blogging Tips for Beginners-Decide On Your Topic

Many people may jump on to building a blog and then hack their brains in deciding about the topic of the blog. This is a huge blunder and a sure shot ticket to failure even before you begin making money blogging. You will realize the explanation for this in a very short while in the upcoming steps and you will see why I suggest deciding on a topic first.

# 2 of 5 Blogging Tips for Beginners- Do Your Keyword Research

Once you decide on your topic you will have to sit down and do some hard work.

Get your Google keyword tool and start working on it to evaluate the best possible keywords for your topic.

# 3 of 5 Blogging Tips for Beginners-Buy a Domain Name

Now that you have completed step 1 and step 2 you can safely think about the first step in building your blog for earning income from it. Your domain name must have the main topic and the main keyword associated with it if you really want to monetize your blog. Now you see my reason for suggesting that you decide on your blog topic first, followed by keyword research and then hop onto domain name purchase.

You can buy a domain name from as they have excellent plans for beginners, small business owners and big businesses as well. What is more is that they offer extremely affordable prices and discounts that are really hard to resist for beginners and experts alike. Click on the image to get your choicest domains at less than $ 8 per year.

GoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar

# 4 of 5 Blogging Tips for Beginners- Host Your Blog

If you have opted for hosting your blog with the company that you purchased your domain name from, there is no need to look further. But just FYI, there are several web host companies like Godaddy, Hostgator, iPage,justhost,  Fatcow etc. Various options are available like shared, reseller, dedicated and VPS hosting. But to keep things simple, you can safely assume that shared hosting is best when you are just starting out with your blog.

# 5 of 5 Blogging Tips for Beginners- Blog Daily

Blog daily is the golden advice that universally suggested by all expert bloggers who are not only successful entrepreneurs earning six figure incomes from blogging but also have a credible blogging reputation as well. Blog daily on the chosen topic and chosen keywords and keep going at it; your blog will begin receiving visitors gradually.

These 5  blog tips can of course be helpful to both beginners and experts alike.

Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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