Blogging Tips to Decide Today’s Blog Topic

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Blogging is something that I am deeply passionate about. I am sure you love your blog with an equal amount of passion. This passion shows its bubbly enthusiasm for the first 15 days to 1 month.

Most of the newbie bloggers keep blogging and posting new blogs very regularly during this period. But the honeymoon soon ends for a good number of bloggers. Don’t misinterpret me; I do not mean to say that newbies lose their passion for blogging at this point.

Actually it has nothing to do with passion. This phase of blogging can be described as blogger’s fatigue, where you wake up one day; login to your blog platform only to find that you cannot think of anything new today. You spend hours picking your brain in deciding about the topic and maybe you have blogs on all the topics you could think of or you cannot decide what to blog at all. Both ways, it turns out to be an exasperating situation. Don’t look at me like that with a quizzical expression in your eyes. Yeah I admit; I have been there and done that.


I] Blogging Inspiration from Your Own Blog

If you cannot find anything new to blog today, why don’t you ask your own blog for help? I suggest that you take a good long look at the old blog posts and also go through the categories. Read through all posts and then spend some time thinking how you can tweak them.

Blogging is basically putting your ideas to computer, and ideas are dynamic. They keep changing and evolving constantly. Maybe there are some posts that you would like to update or add content to. Instead of editing the old posts, take a cue from these posts, compose a new post under a new title and add all the new ideas to it. Make sure that you make it clear to your readers that the new post is an update to the older one.

I love this blogging inspiration very much because of three reasons:

  1. I do not have to run here and there for ideas for my new posts
  2. My readers are benefitted immensely by this sort of blogging, because they get to read updated and comprehensive posts and are kept in the loop on all topics.
  3. I get a wonderful opportunity to build internal links by linking both old and new posts to each other.

II] Blogging Inspiration from Your Readers Comments

Many a time readers leave comments. While most of them are either appreciating or criticizing your post, very few may actually say thanks for the post and also post a related question or doubt. Like for example your post was about paid blogging and one of your readers liked it very much.

But she wants to know about the top 10 sites that offer opportunities for paid blogging and asked about it in her comment. Take a cue from this question and develop your next post on this topic and title it appropriately as ‘Top 10 Paid Blogging Sites’.

This is a wonderful way to enhance your blogging because it shows your readers that you care about them and also builds trust and interaction between you and your readers

III] Blogging Inspiration from Fellow Bloggers

Every blogger who aspires to become a well-read and well-known blogger must make a habit of subscribing to and reading at least a dozen blogs written by top bloggers / expert bloggers in their niche. When nothing else works, take inspiration from these subscribed blogs. Check out what these bloggers are blogging about. Most of the times, the top bloggers are blogging on a common or related topic. This is a great starting point. Use the topic idea and present your unique views on the topic.

Doing so will keep you at par with the experts in your niche and also present you with an opportunity to present your ideas and unique opinion. Do this only very infrequently and it sure is going to get you some attention from top bloggers who mean something to you. Just a few words of caution here; please do not make it a habit.


You will never have to go through blogger’s fatigue if you follow these 3 valuable blogging tips. Whichever tip you use, always ensure that you are presenting value and relevant content to your readers, because content is King and it is unique and valuable content that makes your blogging attractive to your readers.

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Author: Dr. Kavita

Dr.Kavita is a Professional Blogger, Digital Content Specialist, Digipreneur, Coach, Doctor and a Certified Digital Marketer. Her favorite digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI for her clients is Inbound Marketing. She is the Founder of Blogela.

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